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Spring 2000


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New Northwest Releases

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New Northwest Releases


Patricia Brooks, But for the Grace (May, Dell pbo, 5.99). PI Molly Piper is asked by a mayoral candidate to find out who’s behind the satirical fliers that have appeared around town.  Signing.

James H. Cobb, Sea Fighter (March, Putnam hc, 24.95).  Commander Amanda Lee Garrett has a challenge:  leading a United Nation’s naval force into a high-tech sea war off the coast of Africa.  Third in Tacoma author’s military suspense series.

Michael Dibdin, Blood Rain (April, Pantheon hc, 23.00). Aurelio Zen gets the orders he’s always dreaded: his next posting is in Sicily.  There, a body found inside a railroad car leads to trouble under the smoldering shadow of Mt. Etna.  Signing.

Aaron Elkins, Skeleton Dance (April, Morrow hc, 23.00). Gideon Oliver is called to France to help the prestigious Institue de Préhistorie, after a dog brings home some suspicious bones. Latest in the Edgar-Award-winning series. Signing.

Larry Karp, Scamming the Birdman (Mar., Write Way hc, 23.95). Dr. Tom Purdue and an unlikely band of cohorts concoct a scam against a murderous collector of bird antiques.  Sequel to The Music Box Murders.  Karen and B Jo recommend.. Signing.

Marcia Simpson, Crow in Stolen Colors (May, Signet pbo, 6.50).  Liza Romano is the owner of a freight service in the Alaskan Panhandle. After rescuing a Tlingit boy from near death, trouble begins to dog her.  Debut mystery from a San Juan Islands author.  Signing?

Michael Slade, Burnt Bones (Mar., Signet pbo, 6.99). 7th in this Vancouver, B. C. series. The Mounties’ Special Services unit searches for Mephisto, a killer who buries his victims alive.  The Mounties don’t realize that the victims are bait for them.  JB recommends this dark series.

Dana Stabenow, Midnight Come Again (May, St. Martin’s hc, 23.95).  10th in the Edgar-Award-winning series with Alaska PI Kate Shugak.  When Kate disappears after a winter mourning the murder of her lover, her friend Alaska State Trooper Jim Chopin finds her working undercover in a small fishing village.

Graham Thomas, Malice in London (April, Fawcett pbo, 6.50). 4th with Scotland Yard Insp. Erskine Powell, who investigates a body found in the murky waters of the Thames.  Vancouver, B. C. author.


…and now in paperback:


Sue Henry, Murder on the Yukon Quest (May, Avon, 6.50). 

Richard Hoyt, Whoo? (May, Tor, 5.99). 5th John Denson, from 1991, finally in pb. Favorite series of JB.

J. A. Jance, Outlaw Mountain (May, Avon, 6.99) 7th Joanna Brady.

Candace Robb, A Gift of Sanctuary (April, St Martins, 5.99). 6th Owen Archer.

Mitchell Smith, Reprisal (April, Signet, 6.99).


And coming this summer:

    Ridley Pearson, Middle of Nowhere, June

    L. L. Thrasher, Charlie’s Web, August


Some Other New Releases


Peter Abrahams, Crying Wolf (March, Ballantine hc, 25.00). White lies to save the future of a bright  young man lead a group from an elite New England campus into trouble. A favorite author of Tammy’s.

Donna Andrews, Murder with Puffins (May, St. Martin’s hc, 24.95).  By the author of Murder with Peacocks, winner of the 1997 St. Martin’s Malice Domestic Award, and a favorite of Karen’s.  Meg and her boyfriend go to a tiny island of the coast of Maine, where they find murder and mayhem.

Ace Atkins, Leavin’ Trunk Blues (March, St. Martin’s hc, 22.95).  Nick Travers investigates the mysterious death of a blues record producer in 1959. By the author of Crossroad Blues.

Leo Atkins, Play Dead (March, Berkley pbo, 5.99). 2nd with PI Connor Gibbs.

Lise. S. Baker, The Losers’ Club (April, St. Martin’s hc, 22.95).  Cal Brantley  investigates an insurance claim involving an accidental death, and finds herself helping a friend battle suicide as she prowls the back alleys of Reno. From the winner of The PWA 1998 Award for best first novel.

Robert Barnard, A Murder in Mayfair (April, Scribner hc, 23.00). When Colin Pinnock joins the new Prime Minister’s government, he finds an ominous message among his pile of congratulatory notes:  “Who do you think you are?” A favorite author of Sandy’s.

Nevada Barr, Deep South (March, Putnam hc. 23.95). Anna Pigeon finds trouble along the Natchez Trace Parkway, as her promotion is disturbed by a murder with racial overtones. Signing.

Dan Barton, Killer Material (April, St. Martin’s hc, 24.95).  A first mystery starring a stand-up comic.

Paul Bishop, Chalk Whispers (May, Scribner hc, 24.00). 4th LAPD Homicide Det. Fey Croaker. Signed Copies Available.

Peter Bowen, The Stick Game (April, St. Martin’s hc, 23.95).  7th in the Montana series with Gabriel Du Pré.

Rita Mae Brown, Pawing Through the Past (May, Bantam hc, 24.95).  8th with feline investigator Sneaky Pie.

Taffy Cannon, Guns and Roses (March, Daniel tpo, 12.95). Ex-Texas cop Roxanne Prescott thought she’d gotten into a quieter line of work when she agreed to lead tours of Colonial American sites for her aunt, but pranks turn deadly in Colonial Williamsburg.

Jill Churchill, In the Still of the Night (May, Avon pbo, 6.99). 2nd at Grace and Favor Cottage, with Lily and Robert in post-crash 1929.

Mary Higgins Clark, Before I Say Good-Bye (April, Simon & Schuster hc, 26.00). A potential congressional candidate, and recent widow, is contacted by a bogus psychic and a gang of tricksters.

Alys Clare, Fortune Like the Moon (May, St. Martin’s hc, 22.95).  Debut in a new series set in medieval Kent.  When a nun from Hawkenlye Abbey is found with her throat slashed, the Abbess seeks answers.

John Cleary, Dilemma (April, Morrow hc, 23.00). Four years ago, Scobie Malone arrested a man for murder.  Now, as the trial begins, a witness comes forward to accuse the prosecutor of the crime, a man who is a friend of Malone’s. 16th in the series.

Tim Cockey, The Hearse You Came in On (March, Hyperion hc, 22.95). Baltimore undertaker Hitchcock Sewell has gotten himself into a mess:  a murder investigation, dirty videos, political blackmail, police corruption and one of the worst amateur theatrical productions ever seen.  Debut comic mystery.

Nicholas Coleridge, Streetsmart (March, St. Martin’s hc, 26.95).  When photojournalist Max Thompson takes over his sister’s glossy New York fashion magazine after her sudden suicide, he uncovers dangerous secrets.

Thomas H. Cook, Places in the Dark (May, Bantam hc, 23.95). For years, Cal has watched his brother William living life to its fullest, looking for his one true love.  When she appears, Cal hopes that she won’t hurt William – never imagining that she has the power to do much worse.

Natasha Cooper, Fault Lines (April, St. Martin’s hc, 23.95).   Barrister Trish Maguire takes on a harrowing case of child abuse. By the author of the Willow King series.

Robert Crais, Demolition Angel (May, Doubleday hc, 25.95). Carol Starkey is an LA bomb squad veteran, who was scarred physically and emotionally by the bomb that killed her partner and lover 3 years ago.  After another colleague is killed, she begins to suspect that these are not random bombings, but attacks on those meant to defuse them.  Stand-alone  thriller from the author of the Elvis Cole/Joe Pike books.  Signing?

Jennifer Crusie, Welcome to Temptation (March, St. Martin’s hc, 24.95).  Scandal, gossip and murder in the small town of Temptation, Ohio, by the author of the edgy, humorous bestsellers, Crazy for You and Tell Me Lies.

Clive Cussler and Paul Kemprecos, Serpent (May, Pocket pbo, 7.99). New Series! Kurt Austin is the leader of a NUMA exploration team--National Underwater & Marine Archeology--who comes to the rescue of a marine biologist whose team has been wiped out.

Jeanne M. Dams, Red, White, and Blue Murder (May, Walker hc, 23.95). President McKinley’s assassination has thrown Hilda Johansson’s household into turmoil  2nd in series.

Diane Mott Davidson, Tough Cookie (March, Bantam hc, 23.95). Goldy’s new TV show, shot at a luxurious ski resort, turns deadly as a telethon to raise money for the widow of a tracker who died mysteriously turns into a disaster. Signing.

Janet Dawson, A Killing at the Track (May, Fawcett pbo, 6.99).  PI Jeri Howard is looking into nefarious events at the stylish Edgewater Downs racetrack. Set in the Pacific Northwest.

Jeffery Deaver, The Empty Chair (May, Simon & Schuster hc, 25.00). A visit to a North Carolina hospital puts Lincoln Rhyme in the wrong place at the wrong time, and a search for two missing girls pits Rhyme against his protégé and love Amelia Sachs.  Signing.

P. C. Doherty, The Horus Killings (March, St. Martin’s hc, 22.95).  Latest in the historical series set in Ancient Egypt.

Louise Doughty, An English Murder (May, Carroll & Graf hc, 23.00). In this darkly comic mystery, a couple is murdered in their home and their teenage daughter is missing.  Even tranquil, rural Rutland County has a dark underbelly.

Carole Nelson Douglas, Cat in a Kiwi Con (May, Forge hc, 24.95). Las Vegas is the setting for the latest Midnight Louie.

Kathy Lynn Emerson, Face Down Beneath the Eleanor Cross (March, St. Martin’s hc, 23.95). 4th adventure for Elizabethan herbalist/sleuth Susanna, Lady Appleton.

Jerrilyn Farmer, Killer Wedding (March, Avon pbo, 5.99). 3rd with Madeline Bean, events-coordinator extraordinaire.

Earlene Fowler, Seven Stars (April, Berkley hc, 21.95). Benni Harper returns for her 7th quilting adventure.

Caro Fraser, Judicial Whispers (May, St. Martin’s hc, 24.95).   Leo Davis is an ambitious barrister, but rumors about his lurid past may thwart his career—so he woos the seemingly respectable solicitor Rachel Dean.

J. F. Freedman, Above the Law (March, Dutton hc, 24.95). A Northern California DA is asked to look into a shooting by the DEA.  Soon, she’s uncovering a snakepit of intrigue and cover-up, leading to an explosive trial.

Brian Freemantle, Dead Men Living (April, St. Martin’s hc, 24.95).  A Charlie Muffin thriller.  A sudden thaw in Siberia uncovers the bodies of two men, dressed in the uniforms of WW II Allied officers.

Jonathan Gash, A Rag, A Bone and a Hank of Hair (March, Viking hc, 23.95). In his 25th caper, Lovejoy must tackle not only phony gemstones and murder, but the age-old challenges of fatherhood.

Bartholomew Gill, The Death of an Irish Lover (April, Avon hc, 23.00). 14th with Irish Insp. Peter McGarr.

Jaqueline Girdner, Murder, My Deer (March, Berkley hc, 21.95). On her honeymoon, Kate Jasper must navigate between a radical group of deer supporters and a killer.  11th in series.

Ed Gorman, Voodoo Moon (April, St. Martin’s hc, 22.95).  4th case for psychological profiler Robert Payne.

Martha Grimes, The Train Now Departing (May, Viking hc, 22.95).  Two thematically linked novellas, each centering on a single woman whose quiet life harbors something darker.

Elizabeth Gunn, Five Card Stud (April, Walker hc, 23.95). Jake Hines is faced with a body that is about to be hidden in a snow drift, and an understaffed department. 3rd in series.

Sarah Graves, Wicked Fix (April, Bantam pbo, 5.99). 3rd Maine-set mystery of home repair and homicide.

Lee Harris, The Mother’s Day Murder (April, Fawcett pbo, 6.50). 12th with ex-nun and expert sleuth Chistine Bennett.

Clay Harvey, Dwelling in the Gray (March, Jove pbo, 6.99). The 3rd book in the Tyler Vance series gives the background of the shadowy ex-operative.

Sparkle Hayter, The Chelsea Girl Murders (April, Morrow hc, 23.00). Postponed from last Summer. Robin Hudson is forced out of her apartment by a fire and into the legendary Chelsea Hotel.

George V. Higgins, At End of Day (May, Harcourt hc, 24.00). For 30 years, a secret has allowed two men to run a criminal empire in Boston, a secret that goes to the center of the corruption lodged at the heart of American law enforcement.  The noted, late author’s last book.

Jack Higgins, Day of Reckoning (March, Putnam hc, 25.95). When his journalist wife is killed by a mob boss, Blake Johnson has the President’s permission to use clandestine resources to take the boss down.  That boss is not without his own resources.

Corson Hirschfeld, Aloha, Mr. Lucky (March, Forge hc, 24.95). Journalist Star Hollie’s having a bad month: he’s in deep to a nasty loan-shark and one of the women he met through his personal ad turns up dead.  Add in the dim-witted Appalachian twins, an ex-military sadist and a financier who wants to turn paradise into a golf course, and you have a romp in the Pacific.

Hazel Holt, Mrs. Malory and the Fatal Legacy (April, Signet pbo, 5.99). Mrs. Malory is the executor for the estate of a best-selling author.  (Hazel Holt was herself the literary executor, and biographer, of the noted British novelist Barbara Pym.) A favorite series of Sandy and Karen; and Karen says this is an outstanding entry.

Susan Holtzer, The Wedding Game (April, St. Martin’s hc, 23.95).   Latest University of Michigan mystery with computer consultant Anneke Haagen.

Victoria Houston, Dead Angler (April, Berkley pbo, 5.99). Lake Loon, WI, has a new Police Chief, who is also a fly-fishing wonder.  When she reels in a dead body, she puts all of her talents to work.

Michael Jahn, Murder in Central Park (March, St. Martin’s hc, 24.95). Latest with NY cop Bill Donovan.

Bill James, Kill Me (May, Norton hc, 22.95).  17th Harpur & Iles.

Kimberly Kafka, True North (March, Dutton hc, 23.95).  When Bailey Lockhart leaves a tragedy in Maine to become a bush pilot in a remote area of Alaska, she finds a new set of problems.  Literary adventure novel.

Paul Kemprecos (see Clive Cussler).

Philip Kerr, The Shot (April, Pocket hc, 24.95). Kerr tackles the early 60s – the Mob, CIA, plots against Castro, and JFK.

Peter King, A Healthy Place to Die (April, St. Martin’s hc, 22.95).  The Gourmet Detective’s fifth case takes him to a cooking conference at a Swiss resort.

Rochelle Krich, Dead Air (March, Avon hc, 23.00). 4th Jessie Drake. An old friend is now a radio therapist.  When an enraged husband threatens revenge for a ruined marriage, she turns to Jessie for help.

Martha C. Lawrence, Pisces Rising (March, St. Martin’s hc, 23.95).  4th in series with psychic sleuth Elizabeth Chase.  An old friend convinces Elizabeth to investigate a vicious attack on a Native American casino owner. Signing.

Stephen Lewis, The Blind in Darkness (May, Berkley pbo, 5.99). In Colonial New England, neighbors assume that Mohawks killed old man Powell.  Midwife Catherine Williams isn’t convinced. 2nd in series.

David Liss, A Conspiracy of Paper (March, Random House hc, 25.00).  Debut mystery.  Rich historical set in 18th century London where Benjamin Weaver, a retired Jewish pugilist, investigates the death of his estranged father.  Karen says, “In a class with An Instance of the Fingerpost and Kate Ross’ Julian Kestrel novels.”

Harry Paul Lonsdale, Smoking Out a Killer (May, Avon pbo, 5.99). 2nd Cigar mystery.  Kick Chase is invited to a New England estate for a weekend murder mystery game and, of course, some fine cigars—then guests begin to die.

Valerie S. Malmont, Death, Guns & Sticky Buns (March, Dell pbo, 5.99). 3rd Tori Miracle. She’s just getting used to a quaint PA town when a man is killed during a Civil War reenactment.

Margaret Maron, Storm Track (April, Mysterious Press hc, 22.95). As Hurricane Fran bears down on her town, Debra Knott seeks clues in the murder of the wife of a prominent politician.

Allana Martin, Death of a Mythmaker (March, St. Martin’s hc, 22.95).  4th with trading-post owner Texana Jones and her veterinarian husband.

Sujata Massey, The Floating Girl (May, Harper hc, 24.00). Rei Shimura moonlights as an arts writer and thinks she’s got a great story:  a hot, new comic book author who’s pre-war female superhero is big.  But the artist goes missing and bodies turn up, and Rei looks into the mess.

Taylor McCafferty, Funny Money (March, Pocket pbo, 6.99). Haskell Blevins, the only PI in Pigeon Fork, KY, is asked by a preacher to find out who’s making withdrawals from the church’s bank account.

Margaret Miles, No Rest for the Dove (April, Bantam pbo, 5.99) 3rd in this colonial series, set in Massachusetts in  the Summer of 1765.

 Camille Minichino, The Beryllium Murder (March, Morrow hc, 24.00). 4th with physicist-sleuth Gloria Lamerino. Karen recommends this series.

Brent Monahan, The Jekyl Island Club (May, St. Martin’s hc, 23.95).  Jekyl Island, off the coast of Georgia, was the playground of the rich and famous in the 1890s.  When Sheriff John le Brun investigates a suspicious hunting accident, J. P. Morgan and Joseph Pulitizer are on hand.

David Morrell, Burnt Sienna (March, Warner hc, 24.95). Artist and ex-Marine Chase Malone is coerced into painting a portrait of a businessman’s wife – a man who turns out to be a powerful and twisted arms dealer. Earlier wives have died.  Is she next, and how can Chase stop it?

Lynne Murray, Large Target (April, St. Martin’s hc, 23.95).  Josephine Fuller, “a woman of size,”  works as an investigator for a San Diego philanthropist.

Tamar Myers, The Hand that Rocks the Ladle (March, Signet pbo, 5.99). 8th in the Pennsylvania Dutch series.  Includes recipes.

Robert B. Parker, Hugger Mugger (March, Putnam hc, 23.95). Spenser heads to Georgia to oversee security on a threatened thouroughbred. Signed Copies Available.

T. Jefferson Parker, Red Light (April, Hyperion hc, 23.95). Homicide detective Merci Rayborn returns from The Blue Hour (highly recommended by JB and now available in pb).  When a young hooker is killed, Merci is forced to arrest the person that all evidence points to--her new partner. The Washington Post Book World says, “If you’re seeking a thinking man’s bestseller, T. Jefferson Parker is the writer for you.” Signing.

Julie Parsons, The Courtship Gift (March, Simon & Schuster hc, 24.00).  By the author of Mary, Mary, which won high praise, another tale of psychologcial suspense. One cold night in Dublin, Anna arrives home to find her

husband dead from an allergic reaction to bee sting venom—but this is not bee season, and Anna finds her husband was not the man she thought she knew.  Signed Copies Available.

James Patterson, Cradle and All (May, Little Brown hc, 25.95). PI Anne Fitzgerald is asked to watch over two pregnant teenagers.  What she isn’t told is that they’re both virgins and, according to a secret prophecy, one will give birth to the messiah and one will bear the child of the devil.

Cynthia Peale, The Death of Colonel Mann (March, Doubleday hc, 22.95). A scandalous murder in Victorian Boston disturbs the Brahmins.  Pseudonym of novelist Nancy Zaroulis.

Anne Perry, Half Moon Street (April, Ballantine hc, 25.00).  Insp. Pitt looks into the death of a man from the Bohemian side of London, where artists are experimenting with the fascinating new process of photography.

Clyde Phillips, Blindsided (March, Morrow hc, 24.00). Jacques Carpenter is out of prison and bent on revenge against those who put him away – cops. Signing.

Nancy Pickard, The Whole Truth (March, Pocket hc, 22.95). Postponed from last Spring.  A true crime writer is drawn into a case she’s covering, when she’s no longer convinced that the accused is guilty. Signed Copies Available.

Ann Prospero, Almost Night (April, Dutton hc, 23.95). Debut novel by an award-winning journalist and poet. Miami cop Susannah Cannon is assigned to hunt down a cunning serial killer, and her team reflects the rich variety of the Miami culture.

Robert J. Randisi, Blood on the Arch (April, St. Martin’s hc, 22.95).  St. Louis Detective Joe Keogh investigates the murder of a political candidate.

Lev Raphael, Little Miss Evil (April, Walker hc, 23.95). 4th with reluctant academic sleuth Nick Hoffman.  Nick’s success at sleuthing has brought him some fame at the State University of Michigan, but it also brings problems – someone is leaving threats in his mailbox.

Christopher Reich, The Runner (March, Delacorte hc, 29.95). In Europe to help with the Nuremberg trials, US lawyer Devlin Judge has a private mission: to find the top-ranking Nazi who killed his brother, a former Olympic sprinter known as the White Lion. The author’s first book, Numbered Account, was an Edgar Nominee. Signing.

J. D. Robb, Witness in Death (March, Berkley pbo, 6.99). 10th Eve Dallas finds her in the horrible position of being a cop and a witness to murder, when a celebrity is killed in front of her.

Lora Roberts, Murder Follows the Money (May, Fawcett pbo, 6.50). 6th with free-lance writer Liz Sullivan.

Laura Joh Rowland, The Samurai’s Wife (April, St. Martin’s hc, 23.95).  Fifth in series set in 17th century Japan.  Sano, the Shogun’s Investigator,needs the help of his spirited new wife as he seeks a terrifying and elusive killer.

Anna Salter, White Lies (May, Pocket pbo, 6.99). A noted anesthesiologist makes an appointment for therapy with Dr. Stone.  He soon learns that she’s been suspended and, though eager to fight the charges, seems to have more going on beneath her calm exterior.

John Sandford, Easy Prey (May, Putnam hc, 25.95). 12th with police detective and war-games designer Lucas Davenport.

Eve K. Sandstrom, The Smoking Gun (March, Signet pbo, 5.99). 3rd with reporter Nell Matthews.

Steven Saylor, Twist At the End (April, Simon & Schuster hc, 24.00). In a departure from his Roman series, Saylor writes a mystery based on historical events in Austin, Texas, in 1885. Will Porter (soon to known as O. Henry) reports on what may be the first recorded case—unsolved—of a serial killer.

John Shannon, The Poison Sky (April, Berkley pbo, 5.99).  PI Jack Liffey is hired to find a runaway who has ties to a cult that harbors a dangerous secret.  3rd in series.

Jody Shields, The Fig Eater (March, Little Brown hc, 23.95). On a hot August night in 1910 Vienna, an 18-year-old girl is found dead.  The autopsy reveals that she’d eaten fresh figs just before being killed.  Is that a clue to the killer as there are no fresh figs in Vienna at that time?

Rosemary Stevens, Death on a Silver Tray (May, Berkley hc, 21.95). In Regency England, Beau Brummel is called on to make enquiries by the Duchess of York after the Countess of Wrayburn is poisoned and scandal begins to spread.

Howard Swindle, Doin’ Dirty (April, St. Martin’s hc, 22.95).  Det. Jeb Quinlin, introduced in Jitter Joint, returns to investigate the gruesome murder of a reporter. The author is a Pulitzer-Prize-winning editor for the Dallas Morning-News, and an Edgar-nominated true crime writer.

Nancy Tesler, Golden Eggs and other Deadly Things (April, Dell pbo, 5.99). 4th Carrie Carlin.  Carrie’s father wins the lottery, but when his new wife takes money to pay off an extortionist who later turns up dead, well, Carrie just has to straighten it all out.

Victoria Thompson, Murder on St. Mark’s Place (March, Berkley pbo, 5.99). 2nd set in turn of the century New York (that’s 1899-1900…).

Aimee & David Thurlo, Shooting Chant (April, Forge hc, 23.95). A pregnant Ella Clah faces a terrible mystery: is whatever damaging the livestock births also affecting those of Navajos?

Peter Tremayne, Valley of the Shadow (March, St. Martin’s hc, 23.95).  6th Celtic mystery with Sister Fidelma, set in 7th century Ireland.  Are the 33 ritually killed young men part of a pagan Druidic practice?  Also available, Hemlock at Vespers (March, St. Martin’s tpo, 15.95).  Fifteen short stories with Sister Fidelma.

Kathy Hogan Trocheck, Irish Eyes (March, Harper hc, 24.00). The St. Patirck’s Day shooting of Callahan Garrity’s former partner launches her into the dark world of the Big Blue Wall.

Judith Van Gieson, The Stolen Blue (March, Univ. New Mexico Press hc, 22.95). As rare book buyer for the Center for Southwest Research, Claire Reynier’s job takes her many places.  But when a carefully selected box of books is hijacked from her, she finds herself out in the true “wild” west.  Signed Copies Available.  And then… (April, Signet “pbo”, 5.99)… Same book, out in mass market.

Robert Walker, Blind Instinct (March, Berkley hc, 21.95). 7th in the series with FBI Medical Examiner Dr. Jessica Coran – and first hardcover. Coran is asked by Scotland Yard to help track an intelligent psycho.

Nathan Walpow, Death of an Orchid Lover (April, Dell pbo, 5.99). 2nd Joe Portugal.  Character and author are both gardening experts.

Donald Westlake, The Hook (March, Mysterious Press hc, 23.95). Wayne Prentice is a fading author who’s approached by Bryce Proctor. Proctor has a huge contract for his next book, but he’s locked in a nasty divorce.  Proctor’s pitch is that his book will be published under Prentice’s name and they’ll split the money – but Proctor’s wife must die as part of the deal.  Signing.

Randy Wayne White, The Thousand Islands (May, Putnam hc, 23.95).  Fifteen years ago, a girl with a gift for finding things unearthed an ancient, gold medallion.  After years of nightmares, she’s found hanging from a tree limb.  The coroner rules it an accident, but Doc Ford isn’t convinced.  One of Tammy’s favorite series.

Deborah Woodworth, A Simple Shaker Murder (April, Avon pbo, 5.99). 4th with Shaker Eldress sister Rose Callahan.

Marilyn J. Wooley, Jackpot Justice (April, St. Martin’s hc, 24.95).  Winner of the 1999 St. Martin’s Malice Domestic first novel award.  Clinical psychologist Cassandra Ringwald is retained to do a forensic evaluation for a very unusual defendant.

Sally S. Wright, Pursuit & Pursuasion (March, Multnomah tpo, 10.99). 3rd adventure for archivist Ben Reese.  A Scottish professor dies of “natural causes” but has asked her friend to investigate if she should die.

Margaret Yorke, The Price of Guilt (March, St. Martin’s hc, 24.95).  A woman flees her abusive husband, but finds the small English village she has run to has its own dangers.  By the 1999 Cartier Diamond Dagger Award Winner, conferred by the British Crime Writers’ Association.


A very special item

The Putt at the End of the World, by Dave Barry, James W. Hall, James Crumley, Ridley Pearson, Les Standiford, Tami Hoag, and Lee K. Abbott. (May, Warner hc, 24.95) Inspired by Naked Came the Manatee, this serialized “novel” tells the tale of 3 golfers invited by Philip Bates, the richest man on Earth, to play a golf match at a secret Scottish course--a match that will somehow affect the fate of the world.


And coming this summer...

BarbaraNeely, Blanche Passes Go, July

James Lee Burke, Purple Cane Road (Robicheaux), Aug.

Dorothy Cannell,Bridesmaids Revisted, June

The Late Sarah Caudwell, The Sibyl in her Grave, July

Lee Child, Runnning Blind, July

Janet Evanovich, Hot Six, Aug.

Bill Fitzhugh, Cross Dressing, June 

Stephen Greenleaf, Ellipsis, July

Stephen Hunter, Hot Springs, June

Marcia Muller, Listen to the Silence, July

Bill Pronzini, Crazy Bone, Aug.

Kathy Reichs, Deadly Decisions Aug.

Laurence Shames, The Naked Detective, June

April Smith, Be the One, July



Some Spring Paperback Reprints

Rudolfo Anaya, Shaman Winter (Apr., Warner, 7.50).

Russell Atwood, East of A (Apr., Fawcett, 6.50). JB recommends.

Will Christopher Baer, Kiss Me, Judas (Mar., Penguin, 12.95).

Nevada Barr, Liberty Falling (Mar., Avon, 6.99).

Richard Barre, Blackheart Highway (May, Berkley, 6.50).

Eleanor Taylor Bland, Tell No Tales (Mar., St. Martin’s, 5.99).

Peter Blauner, Man of the Hour (Mar., Warner, 7.99).

Lawrence Block, The Burglar in the Rye (May, Signet, 6.99).

Rita Mae Brown, Cat on the Scent (Apr., Bantam, 6.99).

Mary Higgins Clark, We’ll Meet Again (Apr., Pocket, 7.99).

William J. Caunitz, Chains of Command (May, Onyx, 6.99).

Barbara D’Amato, Hard Evidence (Mar., Berkley, 5.99). Cat Marsala.

Diane Mott Davidson, Prime Cut (Mar., Bantam, 6.50).

Jeffery Deaver, The Devil’s Teardrop (Apr., Pocket, 6.99).

Edward Dee, Nightbird (May, Warner, 6.99).

Carol Nelson Douglas, Cat in a Jeweled Jumpsuit (May, Forge, 6.99).

Grace F. Edwards, No Time to Die (Mar., Bantam, 5.99).

Dan Fesperman, Lie in the Dark (May, Vintage, 12.00).

Earlene Fowler, Mariner’s Compass (Apr., Berkley, 6.50).

Jonathan Gash, The Rich and the Profane (Mar,, Penguin, 5.99). Lovejoy.

Dorothy Gilman, Thale’s Folly (Mar., Ballantine, 6.50).

Jaqueline Girdner, Murder on the Astral Plane (Mar., Berkley, 5.99).

Ed Gorman, The Day the Music Died (Apr., Berkley, 5.99).

Tim Green, Double Reverse (Apr., Warner, 7.50). Football mystery by NPR commentator.

Martha Grimes, Biting the Moon (Mar., Signet, 12.00).

James Grippando, Found Money (May, Avon, 6.99).

Barbara Hambly, Graveyard Dust (May, Bantam, 5.99).

Thomas Harris, Hannibal (May, Dell, 7.99).

Donald Harstad, Known Dead (May, Bantam, 6.50).

Pete Hautman, Mrs. Million (Mar., Pocket, 12.95). Bill recommends as hilarious.

Jane Heller, Sis Boom Bah (May, St. Martin’s, 6.99).

Susan Holtzer, The Silly Season (Apr., St. Martin’s, 5.99).

Michael Jahn, Murder on Theatre Row (Apr., World Wide, 5.99).

Iris Johansen, The Killing Game (May, Bantam, 6.99).

Christine T. Jorgensen, Dead on Her Feet (Apr., World Wide, 5.99).

Philip Kerr, The Second Angel (Mar., Pocket, 6.99).

Peter King, Death al Dente (Mar., St. Martin’s, 5.99).

Joseph T. Klempner, Flat Lake in Winter (May, St. Martins, 6.99).

Charles Knief, Emerald Flash (May, St. Martin’s, 5.99).

Jane Langton, The Thief of Venice (May, Penguin, 5.99).

John LeCarré, Single & Single (Mar., Pocket, 7.99).

Dennis Lehane, Prayers for Rain (May, Harper, 6.99).

Margaret Maron, Home Fires (Apr., Warner, 6.50).

Richard Mason, The Drowning People (Mar., Warner, 6.99).

Sujata Massey, The Flower Master (Apr., Harper, 6.99).

Barbara Parker, Suspicion of Betrayal (Mar., Signet, 6.99).

Robert B. Parker, Hush Money (Apr., Berkley, 7.50).

T. Jefferson Parker, The Blue Hour (Apr., Hyperion, 7.99). On JB’s Best of ’99 list.

Anne Perry, Bedford Square (Apr., Ballantine, 6.99).

Elizabeth Peters, The Falcon at the Portal (Apr., Avon, 6.99).

Bill Pronzini, Nothing But the Night (Apr., Walker, 11.95).

Ruth Rendell, A Sight for Sore Eyes (Mar., Dell, 6.50).

Ann Ripley, The Perennial Killer (May, Bantam, 5.99).

Laura Jo Rowland, The Concubine’s Tattoo (Apr., St. Martin’s, 6.50).

James Sallis, Eye of the Cricket (Apr., Walker, 8.95).

Aileen Schumacher, Frame Work for Death (May, World Wide, 5.99).

Michael Stone, Totally Dead (Apr., Penguin 5.99).

Doug Swanson, Umbrella Man (May, Berkley, 5.99).

Maureen Tan, Run Jane Run (Mar., Warner, 6.50).

Charles Todd, Search the Dark (May, St. Martin’s, 5.99).

Andrew Vachss, Choice of Evil (May, Vintage, 13.00).

k.j.a.Wishnia, Soft Money (May, Signet, 5.99).  Sequel to the Edgar Nominee 23 Shades of Black.

John Morgan Wilson, Justice at Risk (May, Bantam, 6.50).

Joan Wolf, No Dark Place (Apr., Harper, 5.99).

Stuart Woods,Worst Fears Realized (Apr., Harper, 7.50)



Reference and  Nonfiction


   American Noir: Underground Writers and Filmmakers of the Postwar Era, by David Cochran (May, Smithsonian hc, 27.95).  An examination of the works of various noir masters and their works during the early Cold War years: Jim Thompson, Rod Serling, Ray Bradbury, Patricia Highsmith, Chester Himes, Roger Corman, Sam Fuller, Charles Willeford and Richard Condon.

   Crime Scene USA, by Neal Yonover (April, Hyperion tpo, 12.95). A traveler’s guide to sites of famous and infamous murders, robberies, kidnappings and other criminal acts.

   History of Murder, Colin Wilson, ed. (March, Carroll & Graf tpo, 10.95).  A comprehensive true-crime of two thousand years of murder, from Rome through the last Century…

   Time to Be In Earnest, by P. D. James,  (May, Knopf hc, 25.00). A memoir from the great Dame in the form of a diary of her 77th year, interwoven with reflections on her life and writing career.

   The Red Hot Typewriter:  The Life of John D. MacDonald, by Hugh Merrill. A biography of the creator of Travis McGee, first of the social-minded Florida sleuths.

   Sleuths of the Century, Ed Gorman & Jon L. Breen, eds. (Feb., Carroll & Graf hc, 24.95) A collection of classic and contemporary noir writers, from Chesterton and Sayers to Mosley and Grafton.  The best of the last Century…


Some Notable reprints


Loren D. Estleman, The Midnight Man (May, iBooks, 14.00). 3rd Amos Walker, Detroit PI.

Stuart Kaminsky, Murder on the Yellow Brick Road (May, iBooks, 12.00). 2nd in the delightful Toby Peters series, Hollywood PI of the 30s & 40s.

Margaret Millar, How Like an Angel (Feb., Carroll & Graf, 5.95). Reissue of a classic suspense novel from 1962.

Iain Pears, Giotto’s Hand (March, Berkley, 6.50).  From 1995, 5th in the popular art history series.



    The 2000 Edgar Award Nominees for books published in 1999. Winners will be announced on May 4, 2000


RIVER OF DARKNESS by Rennie Airth   24.95

BONES by Jan Burke  23.00

L. A. REQUIEM by Robert Crais 23.95 hc/ 6.99 pb

STRAWBERRY SUNDAY by Stephen Greenleaf  23.00

IN A DRY SEASON by Peter Robinson 24.00



CERTIFIABLY INSANE by Arthur W. Bahr  23.00

BIG TROUBLE by Dave Barry  23.95

THE SKULL MANTRA by Eliot Pattison  24.95

GOD IS A BULLET by Boston Teran   24.00

INNER CITY BLUES by Paula L. Woods 23.95 hc/12.00 tp



FULTON COUNTY BLUES by Ruth Birmingham  5.99

LUCKY MAN by Tony Dunbar   5.99


THE OUTCAST by Jose Latour  13.95

IN BIG TROUBLE by Laura Lippman  6.50


Rex Stout Hardcovers Available Soon


   We don’t see many Rex Stout books in hardcover these days, so we were pleased to acquire recently a collection of about 50 of them.  These are not prime collector-quality copies.  Many are ex-library or book club editions, and/or later printings, in far from pristine condition; but many people feel that any Rex Stout hardcover is a nice book.  Some are titles which are rarely seen in any form, and some have dust jackets which give them a visual appeal beyond their intrinsic value.  Prices are $7.50 for book clubs without dust jacket, and $15 for book clubs with jacket; the rest range from $15 to $50. 

   These are very similar to the books with which I started my own collection long ago; some I replaced with better copies over the years, others I never found a better one.

   A descriptive price list of titles (there’s only one copy of each) will be available on March 15.  Please send us a stamped, self-addressed #10 envelope if you’d like us to mail you a copy.  The books will be put out for display and sale on March 25.


                                          ---Bill Farley



Shipping Charges Rise


   The last time we raised shipping charges was…well, we don’t recall. As all of the shippers have raised their rates, it is time for us to as well.  As of March 1st, 2000, our shipping for UPS and First Class US Mail will go up $1: $5 for the 1st hc.  Bookrate Mail will go from $3 to $4 for the 1st hc, and the 1st pb will go from $2 to $3.  With all types, additional hcs will remain $1 each and pbs $.50 each. – Thanks, JB


Author Appearances


Sat., March 4, noon,  Ray Vukcevich signs

     The Man of  Maybe Half-a-Dozen Faces.

Mon., March 6, noon, Dianne Mott Davidson

      signs Tough Cookie.

Tues., March 7, noon, Barbara Seranella signs

      Unwanted Company.

Sat, March 11, noon, John J. Nance signs Blackout.

Sun., March 12, time uncertain, Lisa Scottoline

     signs Moment of Truth.

Mon, March 13, noon, Christopher Reich signs

     The Runner. 

Wed., March 15, noon, April Henry signs

     Square in the Face.

Fri, March 17, noon, Donald E. Westlake signs

     The Hook.

Wed, March 22, noon, Martha Lawrence signs

     Pisces Rising.

Sat., March 25, noon, Larry Karp signs

     Scamming the Birdman.

Tues., March 28, noon, Jennifer Crusie signs

      Welcome to Temptation..

Sat, April 1, noon, Aaron Elkins signs Skeleton Dance.

Mon., April 3, noon, Nevada Barr signs Deep South.

Tues., April 5, noon, Clyde Phillips signs Blindsided. 

Sat, April 8, noon, Rhys Bowen signs Evan and Elle.

Sat, April 22, noon, Jane Isenberg signs

     Death in a Hot Flash.

Wed., May 3, noon, T.Jefferson Parker signs Red Light.

Wed., May 17, 12:30, Jeffery Deaver signs

     The Empty Chair.

…..and more coming!


 Signed Copies Available:

Steve HamiltonWinter of the Wolf Moon

Jamie HarrisonBlue Deer Thaw



Auction Department


   The Winter auction item was a signed Advance Reader’s Copy of Hour of the Hunter, by J. A. Jance.  Bidding began at $50 and the winning bid was $95.00.

   The Spring auction item reflects our current emphasis on Rex Stout.  It’s a first edition of a Nero Wolfe novel, Too Many Clients (Viking Press, 1960).  The book is a bright, clean copy except for a ½ in. smudge on the front free endpaper, in a bright price-clipped dust-jacket with wear at top of spine extending about an inch to front and rear.  Bidding begins at $50.  Closing date is April 1, 2000.

   To review how the auction works:

¨        Any time before April 1, you give us your bid.  Be sure to include your name, mailing address, and telephone number.

¨        Bids may be submitted in person, by phone, by mail or e-mail.

¨        Any bid for less then the minimum will be disregarded.  One bid per customer.

¨        In case of a tie, the bid received earliest will win.




Mail and phone orders for these or any other books are welcome.  We often have signed copies of Northwest authors, and other authors who visit the shop.  Prices subject to change without notice.  Seattle Mystery Bookshop, 117 Cherry St., Seattle, WA 98104.  Phone:  (206) 587-5737.



The SEATTLE MYSTERY BOOKSHOP NEWS is composed and produced by J. B. Dickey and Sandy Goodrick.  The online version is brought to you by Susan Dennis.