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WINTER 1999-2000


In this issue:

Author Appearances

New Northwest Releases

From the Staff

Something Completely Different

Some Other New Releases

Some Winter Paperback Reprints

Winter Auction

Reference and Nonfiction


Author Appearances

Wed., Dec. 15, noon, James H. Cobb signs West on 66.

Fri., Dec. 17, noon, Lowen Clausen signs First Avenue.

Sat., Dec. 18, noon, a double-header:

Linda French signs Steeped in Murder, and

Jo Dereske signs Miss Zukas in Death’s Shadow.

Tues., Jan. 4, 5 to 9 pm, J. A. Jance signs Kiss of the Bees. Premiere signing.

Mon., Feb. 7, noon, Laurie R. King signs Night Work.

Tues., Feb. 8, noon, James W. Hall signs Rough Draft.

Sat., Feb. 12, noon, G. M. Ford signs The Deader the Better. Premiere signing.

And coming later in Feb., April Henry….and in March, Donald Westlake.

From the Staff

As we prepare this newsletter, the last of the old century, we want to take the opportunity to wish you all a most happy holiday season, and an exciting, prosperous and mystery-filled New Year. We look forward to continuing to provide you with new (and old) books by your favorite mystery authors, and introducing you to new ones.

So we begin here, with new books for the months of December 1999—–and January and February 2000.

Sandy Goodrick, for the Staff


And now for something completely different…


Normally, we put our Best of the Year lists in the Winter newsletter. This year, since it’s the end of a number of calendrical periods, we’re doing something different. In January we’re going to put out a Special Millennial Edition of the Newsletter. It’ll have our Best of the Year lists, as well as our Best of the Decade lists.

We invite you to give us your nomination for the Best Mystery of the Decade. What mystery published in the 1990s do you think has the best chance of becoming a classic? Give us your author and title (one per person, please) by January 1st and we’ll put the results in this Special Edition. If all of this comes together, we’ll make this a regular thing at the turn of each millennium.


New Northwest Releases


Marthe Arends, The Lion’s Share (Available now, Avid pbo, 6.99). Suffragette Cassandra Whitney finds danger and romantic intrigue as she pursues the cause of women’s emancipation. Washington State author. Signed Copies Available.

Lowen Clausen, First Avenue (Nov., Watershed hc, 21.95). Former Seattle police officer and Backstage Tavern owner writes this dark and compelling crime novel, set in Pike Place Market and the doughnut shop across the street. This police procedural captures perfectly the Seattle atmosphere that has been gentrified out of existence in a first novel from a small press. Tammy says "WOW!" Signing.

Mary Daheim, Creeps Suzette (Jan., Avon pbo, 6.50). In their 15th B & B caper, Judith and Renie travel to Creepers, the estate of Leota Burgess-- who thinks someone is trying to do her in. Signing.

Jo Dereske, Miss Zukas in Death’s Shadow (Dec., Avon pbo, 5.99). Serving 50 hours of community service, Helma becomes a suspect when a body is found at the shelter for homeless men where she is working. Bellingham author. Signing.

William Deverell Slander (Dec, McClelland & Stewart hc, 29.95?) Seattle lawyer Elizabeth Finnegan locks horns with Supreme Court Judge Hugh Vandergraaf. After her public criticisms over a ruling, he threatens civil action. Then a woman comes forward to accuse him of more serious crimes.

William Dietrich, Getting Back (Feb., Warner hc, 24.95). Daniel Dyson works for a corporation that discourages individuality as it searches for profits. On a vacation to the Australian Outback, he realizes the company does not intend for him to return. Seattle author. Signing.

G. M. Ford, The Deader the Better (Feb., Avon hc, 22.00). On the Pacific side of the Olympic Peninsula, a friend of Leo’s is hassled by the locals. When people start to die, Leo and "the boys" go into action. Our Limited Edition Copies, with special numbered dustjackets, will be 25.00. If you have ordered prior volumes and want to retain your number, or want to get one of our Limited Editions for the first time, please reserve a copy by Jan 15th.

Linda French, Steeped in Murder (Dec., Avon pbo, 5.99) Professor Teodora Morelli is writing a history of General Pickett when her department chairman dies and a valuable Chinese tea chest vanishes. Can these events be linked to the Confederate General? Signing.

April Henry, Square in the Face (Feb., Harper hc, 24.00). Claire Montrose returns to help a friend and former co-worker and unearths a long-buried mystery. This is Claire’s second case, after Circles of Confusion, a . Signing.

J. A. Jance, Kiss of the Bees (Jan., Avon hc, 24.00). In the sequel to Hour of the Hunter, Diana Ladd Walker’s nightmare is not over: her adopted daughter Lani, a Native American child, has been kidnapped. According to legend, she is destined to be a woman of great spiritual power. Signing.

As we did last year, we will be offering Jance Gift Certificates: pay for the book and give the certificate—a color copy of the dust jacket of the book, signed by the author—as a holiday gift, and the autographed book will be available January 4.

Bill says, "If you haven’t read Hour of the Hunter, read it now. If you have, re-read it now. Trust me, you’ll be glad you did. I’ve always considered it Jance’s best book, and Kiss of the Bees is equally good." A paperback of Hour of the Hunter (6.99) makes an excellent "stocking stuffer" to go with a gift certificate for Kiss of the Bees.

Jayne Ann Krentz, Soft Focus (Jan., Putnam hc, 23.95). Elizabeth Cabot and Jack Fairfax had a personal and a business relationship, but when the romance sours they must still work together to save millions and avert lethal sabotage. The twisty trail leads to a fringe film festival, and life starts to imitate noir art. Seattle author. Signing?

Christopher Lane, A Shroud of Midnight Sun (Jan., Avon pbo, 5.99). Inupiat officer Ray Attla thinks that a deadly fall from a ski lift may have been accidental, but then the dead man’s double life surfaces with lies, adultery, mob ties and industrial espionage.

Steve Martini, The Attorney (Jan., Putnam hc, 25.95). Paul Madriani, now in San Diego, represents the elderly Jonah Hale. The Hales have been caring for their granddaughter. Now that Jonah has won the lottery, their daughter wants back into the family and makes criminal accusations to get her way. Northwest author. Signing.

John J. Nance, Blackout (Feb., Putnam hc, 23.95). FBI agent Kate Bronsky returns, tracking a phantom cargo jet which might be the key to an airliner explosion. The trail leads across the Pacific to the Northwest. Signing.

Candace Robb, A Spy for the Redeemer (Dec., Heinemann hc, 25.00; tp, 15.00). We are providing British first editions of the 7th in this medieval historical series featuring Owen Archer. While he is swept up by dramatic events in Wales, his wife Lucie in Yorkshire is beset by her own problems as she waits for Owen’s return. Northwest author. Signed Copies Available.

Greg Rucka, Batman: No Man’s Land (Jan., Pocket hc, 22.95). Gotham City falls into anarchy after a devastating earthquake, and Batman teams up with the Police Commissioner to restore order. Portland, OR, author. Signed Copies Available. (Greg and Jan await the birth of their first child, so we’ll send these books to Greg to sign.)

Ray Vukcevich, The Man of Maybe Half-A-Dozen Faces (Feb., St. Martin’s hc, 22.95). This first novel features a PI with multiple personalities. Author and fellow Oregonian Kate Wilhelm calls it "a delight."

Kate Wilhelm, No Defense (Jan., St. Martin’s hc, 24.95). 4th with Oregon attorney Barbara Holloway. When Vinny Jessup dies in an automobile accident, the sheriff comes to suspect his young widow Lara of murder--and the clues point to her.

…and now in paperback:

Michael Dibdin, A Long Finish (Feb., Vintage, 12.00)

Bruce Chandler Fergusson, The Piper’s Son (Dec., Signet, 6.99)

G. M. Ford, Last Ditch (Feb., Avon, 5.99)

Aaron Elkins, Loot (Dec., Avon, 6.99)

Ken Goddard, First Evidence (Feb., Bantam, 6.99)

April Henry, Circles of Confusion (Dec., HarperCollins, 5.99).

Steve Martini, Critical Mass (Dec., Berkley, 7.99)

Skye Kathleen Moody, Wildcrafters (Jan., Worldwide, 4.99)

Frank Smith, Fatal Flaw (Dec., Worldwide, 4.99). British Columbia author.

Dana Stabenow, Hunter’s Moon (Dec., Berkley, 6.99)

John Straley, The Angels Will Not Care (Jan., Bantam, 5.99)

Kate Wilhelm, Defense for the Devil (Jan., Worldwide, 5.99)

Some Other New Releases

Conrad Allen, Murder On the Lusitania (Dec., St. Martin’s hc, 23.95). The first in a series set on board the great ocean liners of the 20th century. George Porter Dillman is hired by the Cunard line to work as an undercover investigator on the maiden voyage of the Lusitania, sailing from Liverpool in September, 1907.

Christine Andreae, Smoke Eaters (Feb., St. Martin’s hc, 24.95). A thriller starring Matty McCullough, the first woman to command a major fire site. Hostility from her male competitors, a raging forest fire and a sexually-motivated arsonist are only some of her problems.

Jo Bannister, The Hireling’s Tale (Dec., St. Martin’s hc, 23.95). 6th British police procedural in the Castlemere series. The detective team of Liz Graham, Frank Shapiro and Cal Donovan investigate when a nude prostitute is murdered, and the scandal seems linked to a business convention at a local hotel.

Frederic Bean, Murder at the Spirit Cave (Dec., Bantam pbo, 5.99). Carla Jenkins’s 1st case as a Texas Ranger finds her paired with her father’s former partner. They investigate a grisly murder.

William Bernhardt, Silent Justice (Feb., Ballantine hc, 23.00). 9th with Oklahoma lawyer Ben Kincaid.

John Billheimer, Highway Robbery (Feb., St. Martin’s hc, 24.95). Second mystery with West Virginia Transportation Inspector Owen Allison, after his well-received debut in The Contrary Blues. Road construction turns up some human remains, and an investigation turns deadly.

Eleanor Taylor Bland, Scream in Silence (Feb., St. Martin’s hc, 23.95). 8th with African-American homicide detective Marti MacAlister. The suburban Chicago cop is on the trail of an arsonist whose crimes are escalating.

Della Borton, Freeze Frame (Feb., Ballantine hc, 23.00). 9th with Gilda Liberty and her movie-mad clan. This author also writes as D. B. Borton.

Rhys Bowen, Evan and Elle (Feb., St. Martin’s hc, 22.95). 4th installment in the village cozy series with Welsh Constable Evans.

Gerry Boyle, Cover Story (Jan., Berkley hc, 22.95) Maine reporter Jack McMorrow is onto the story of a lifetime: the murder of the Mayor of NYC. Then he becomes a suspect.

Lillian Jackson Braun, The Cat Who Robbed a Bank (Jan., Putnam hc, 22.95). Signed Bookplates to the first 20 reservations.

Sinclair Browning, The Sporting Club (Feb., Bantam pbo, 5.50). 2nd with Tucson cowgirl PI Trade Ellis, after her debut in The Last of the Songdogs.

Fiona Buckley, Queen’s Ransom (Jan., Scribner hc, 22.00). 3rd historical set in the court of a young Queen Elizabeth, with Lady-in-Waiting Ursula Blanchard sent to France to deliver an important letter.

Carole Buggé, The Haunting of Torre Abbey (Feb., St. Martin’s hc, 22.95). Another Sherlockian adventure by the author of The Star of India. Holmes and Watson investigate the murderous haunting of a 12th century manor house in Devon.

Charlotte Carter, Drumsticks (Feb., Mysterious Press hc, 22.95). Nanette Hayes’s luck changes when she finds a voodoo doll. The creator of that doll is shot down during one of Nanette’s gigs.

Melissa Cleary, In the Dog House (Jan., Berkley pbo, 5.99). 11th with Jackie Walsh and Jake.

Michael Connelly,Void Moon (Jan., Little Brown hc, 24.95). Cassie Black is lured back into a life she’d left – robbing casino gamblers. But this mark has too much money, and she’s pursued by gunmen who seem to know her moves. Signed Copies Available before Christmas—reservations recommended.

Clive Cussler, Atlantis Found (Dec., Putnam hc, 26.95). The title tells all!

Lindsey Davis, Two for the Lions (Dec., Mysterious Press hc, 23.95). Falco’s plan to earn enough money to marry goes awry, and he’s caught between warring gladiators, a dead lion and a trip to Tripoli. Signed Copies Available.

Val Davis, Wake of the Hornet (Jan., Bantam pbo, 5.99). 3rd Nicolette Scott, ace archaeologist and amateur sleuth.

Colin Dexter, The Remorseful Day (Feb., Crown hc, 24.00). THE FINAL INSPECTOR MORSE NOVEL. (Dexter’s final Endeavor?) And a very good one it is. When Morse is asked to investigate the unsolved murder of nurse Yvonne Harrington two years ago, the case leads to startling conclusions. Karen recommends.

Tony Dunbar, Lucky Man (Dec., Dell pbo, 6.50). 6th with New Orleans lawyer Tubby Dubonnet.

Selma Eichler, Murder Can Spoil Your Appetite (Feb., Signet pbo, 5.99). 7th Desiree Shapiro.

Ann C. Fallon, Deadly Analysis (Feb., Pocket pbo, 6.50). 6th Irish mystery with solicitor and amateur sleuth James Fleming.

Margaret Frazer, The Reeve’s Tale (Dec., Berkley hc, 21.95). Sister Frevisse ventures away from her medieval convent to investigate an outbreak of measles and sin. The 8th in the series, the first in hc.

Francis Fyfield, Staring at the Light (Feb., Viking hc, 23.95). London lawyer Sarah Fortune is known to be a maverick. Now, she is protecting Cannon Smith whose worst enemy is his twin brother Johnny. The brothers have taken different paths, and Johnny doesn’t like that.

Dorothy Gilman, Mrs. Pollifax, Unveiled (Feb., Ballantine hc, 23.00). The intrepid CIA agent looks into the disappearance of an American woman who faced down airline terrorists.

Ed Gorman, Wake Up Little Susie (Dec., Carroll & Graf hc, 22.95). More murder and nostalgia in 1950s Iowa.

Ann Granger, Beneath These Stones (Feb., St. Martin’s hc, 22.95). 12th village mystery with Mitchell and Markby. Sandy recommends this series.

Robert Greer, Limited Time (Jan., Mysterious Press hc, 23.95). Dr. Tess Gilliam expressed doubts about cutting-edge fountain of youth experiments being done in Colorado. When she is killed, questions arise about who would kill to keep the experiments, and the potential profits, alive.

John Grisham, The Brethren (Feb., Doubleday hc, 27.95). One of the money-making schemes of a group of retired judges goes awry and ensnares someone with powerful friends.

Jane Haddam, Skeleton Key (Feb., St. Martin’s hc, 23.95). Gregor Demarkian returns for his 15th case. When the season’s debutante is found murdered in Bennis Hannaford’s car, she calls her lover Gregor in to investigate.

James Hall, Rough Draft (Jan., St. Martin’s hc, 24.95). Hannah Keller is a crime novelist who stumbles on a copy of one her books with marginal notes that seem to be addressed to her—from the killer of her parents. Signing. Tammy recommends.

Lynn Hamilton, The Celtic Riddle (Feb., Berkley hc, 21.95). 4th in the archeology series with Toronto-based Lara McClintoch. This time she finds trouble in seaside Ireland.

Steve Hamilton, Winter of the Wolf Moon (Feb., St. Martin’s hc, 23.95). The debut of Michigan PI Alex McKnight in A Cold Day in Paradise ( Feb., St. Martin’s pb, 5.99) won Best First Novel in both the Edgar and Shamus contests last year. Now Alex is back in a case set in Michigan’s frigid Upper Peninsula.

Karen Harper, The Tidal Poole (Jan., Delacorte hc, 22.95). 2nd Elizabeth I mystery, as the Queen looks over the death of a lady of the court, a crime that may lead to a threat against her throne.

Jamie Harrison, Blue Deer Thaw (Feb., Hyperion hc, 23.95) Postponed from Summer.

Mo Hayder, Birdman (Dec., Doubleday hc, 23.95. In Greenwich, England, Det. Insp. Jack Caffrey’s got a horrifying case on his hands: a dead woman, brutalized and left with a finch where her heart should be. Four more bodies are found. A debut novel of forensics, psychology and detection. JB and Tammy recommend.

Gar Anthony Haywood, All the Lucky Ones Are Dead (Jan., Putnam hc, 23.95). Aaron Gunner is hired by the father of a Gangsta rapper who is certain that his son didn’t kill himself.

Joan Hess, (Jan., Simon & Schuster hc, 22.00). E-mail provides the clue to murder.Tammy recommends.

Carl Hiaasen, Sick Puppy (Jan., Knopf hc, 25.00). Eco-terrorists, craven politicians, a Republicans-only hooker, a millionaire Barbie fetishist, a kidnapped Black lab, thousands of squished toads – and SKINK…another riotous Hiaasen. Tammy recommends. Signing?

Tony Hillerman, Hunting Badger (Nov., HarperCollins hc, 26.00). Leaphorn and Chee return!

M. T. Jefferson, The Victory Dance Murder (Jan., Berkley pbo, 5.99). During WWII, Kate Fallon is trying to help the war effort. But, while preparing for the Victory Rally & Dance, a friend is found dead.

Jonathan Kellerman, Monster (Dec., Random House hc, 25.95). Alex Delaware investigates an imprisoned psychotic killer who seems to be able to predict brutal murders on the outside.

Michael Killan, Murder in Manassas (Jan., Berkley hc, 21.95). Debut of a mystery series that will follow the Civil War, battle by battle, crime by crime.

Laurie R. King, Night Work (Feb., Bantam hc, 23.95). Kate Martinelli returns, investigating the death of an abusive husband whose wife--the most likely suspect--has an airtight alibi. Then a second murder sets things spinning. Signing.

Chris Larsgaard, The Heir Hunter (Feb., Delacorte hc, 23.95). Debut thriller. San Francisco PI Nick Merchant is an heir hunter. With one week to find the heir to $22 million, everyone seems to want him dead.

John Lescroart, Nothing But the Truth (Jan., Delacorte hc, 24.95). Dismas Hardy’s wife is in jail for refusing to talk to a grand jury about another parent from her children’s school. What could be worth that silence?

Ed McBain, The Last Dance (Dec., Simon & Schuster hc, 25.00). Latest in the 87th Precinct series.

Barbara Taylor McCafferty & Beverly Taylor Herald, Double Dealer (Feb., Kensington hc, 20.00). 4th in the Bert and Nan Tatum twin series, written by identical twins.

D. R. Meredith, Murder in Volume (Jan., Berkley pbo, 5.99). Death hits close to home when a member of librarian Megan Clark’s book group is murdered. New series by the author of the Sheriff mysteries.

Penny Mickelbury, The Step Between (Feb., Simon & Schuster hc, 22.00). 3rd with Washington, D.C.based attorney Carole Ann Gibson.

Shirley Rousseau Murphy, Cat to the Dogs (Jan., Harper hc, 22.00). 5th with feline detective Joe Grey.

Tamar Myers, Estate of Mind (Dec., Avon pbo, 6.50) 8th in the Den of Antiquity series.

Reggie Nadelson, Bloody London (Dec., St. Martin’s hc, 23.95). 3rd Artie Cohen mystery. The NYC investigator is hired when the head of a posh Manhattan co-op is found decapitated in the building’s pool; the case takes him to London and a shocking conspiracy. Tammy recommends this series.

Leslie O’Kane, Ruff Way to Go (Feb., Ballantine pbo, 6.50). Dog psychologist Allie Babcock returns.

Sister Carol Anne O’Marie, Requiem at the Refuge (Jan., St. Martin’s hc, 23.95). Sister Mary Helen’s 9th adventure finds the eccentric San Francisco nun volunteering at a drop-in center for abused women; when a woman who frequents the shelter is murdered, she investigates.

Robin Paige, Death at White Chapel (Jan., Berkley pbo, 5.99). 6th in this Victorian series.

Owen Parry, Faded Coat of Blue (Oct., Avon hc, 23.00). Since we mentioned this novel in our last newsletter, three staff members have read it and recommend it highly. Set at the time of the American Civil War, it is the narrative of Welshman Abel Jones who finds himself acting as an investigator for Union General McClellan. We still have first printings of this fine mystery. Karen, JB and Bill recommend.

George Pelecanos, Shame the Devil (Jan., Little Brown hc, 24.95). A gunman, whose brother was killed by the cops after a botched D.C. robbery, is determined to kill everyone involved in that death.

Wilder Perkins, Hoare and the Headless Captains (Jan., St. Martin’s hc, 22.95). Captain Bartholomew Hoare of King George III’s Royal Navy returns for his second adventure. Pitted against Bonaparte’s secret service, he investigates the murders of two Naval officers.

Thomas Perry, Blood Money ( Jan., Random House hc, 24.95). Jane Whitefield agrees to help a young woman evade the Mafia. This pairs her with Bernie the Elephant, the mob’s accountant who forgets nothing. They team to steal billions from the mob. Tammy and Karen recommend.

Stanley Pottinger, A Slow Burn (Feb., Dutton hc, 24.95). What’s the connection between a scientist who’s made an astonishing neurological breakthrough, a cop who finds his father’s killer after 20 years, and a woman in a coma who’s given another chance to live?

Rick Riordan, The Last King of Texas ( Jan., Bantam hc, 23.95). 3rd with Texas PI Tres Navarre, 1st in hardcover. Previous book, The Widowers Two-Step, was the Edgar Winner for Best Paperback Original of 1998.

Caroline Roe, An Antidote for Avarice (Dec., Berkley pbo, 6.50). 3rd Medieval Spanish mystery with Isaac of Girona, blind physician. (Pseudonym of Medora Sale.)

Chris Rogers, Chill Factor (Feb., Bantam hc, 23.95). Texas Bounty hunter Dixie Flannigan can’t believe that her neighbor Edna could’ve been one of the "Granny Bandits."

Jennifer Rowe, Something Wicked (Dec., Ballantine pbo, 5.99). Australian Senior Det. Tessa Vance makes her 2nd appearance, looking into the death of a rock star in his secluded estate. Three angelic sisters are the nearest neighbors and claim to remember nothing from the night he died. Tessa mistrusts them.

Lisa Scottoline, Moment of Truth (Feb., Harper hc, 25.00). Mary DiNunzio has to decide if her client is an innocent man protesting his guilt, or a guilty man protesting his innocence.

Barbara Seranella, Unwanted Company (Feb.,, Harper hc, 24.00). Friends from Munch’s past keep making trouble, as a woman she knew in prison gets her involved in the search for a killer. Det. Mace St John gets involved after the killer pays a visit to Munch’s home. Tammy and JB recommend this series.

Sheldon Siegal, Special Circumstances (Feb., Bantam hc, 24.95). Booted out of one of San Francisco’s most prominent law firms, Mike Daley is asked by his best friend to defend him against a charge of killing two lawyers from that firm. A sardonic debut thriller. Susan highly recommends.

Dorothy Simpson, Dead and Gone (Feb., Scribner hc, 22.00). 15th Insp. Luke Thanet.

Elizabeth Daniels Squire, Forget About Murder (Feb., Berkley pbo, 5.99). 7th with absent-minded senior sleuth Peaches Dann.

Les Standiford, Black Mountain (Feb., Putnam hc, 23.95). A Wyoming wilderness trek is beset by men of dark intentions, and a harrowing battle for survival ensues.

Daniel Stashower, The Dime Museum Murders (Dec., Avon pbo, 5.99). 1st in a series with Harry Houdini, sleuth.

Noreen Wald, Death Comes for the Critic (Feb., Berkley pbo, 5.99). Ghostwriter Jake O’Hara’s co-author is stabbed in the back, and Jake is left to write the final chapter to the tale. 2nd in bibliomystery series.

Penny Warner, A Quiet Undertaking (Jan., Bantam pbo, 5.50). 4th with hearing-impaired journalist Connor Westphall.

Marianne Wesson, A Suggestion of Death (Feb., Pocket hc, 23.95). Colorado attorney Cinda Hayes returns in a second book, after Render Up the Body, to help a woman who accuses her father of childhood abuse – a man who is not only a respected professor, but also a senatorial candidate.

Christopher West, Death of a Red Mandarin (Dec., Berkley pbo, 5.99). Insp. Wang investigates the death of a Chinese official found floating in the harbor just as Hong Kong is about to be turned over to China. His superiors in the People’s Republic want to hush it up…

Stephen White, Cold Case (Jan., Dutton hc, 24.95). 8th Alan Gregory.

Matt Witten, Grand Delusion (Jan., Signet pbo, 5.99). Jacob Burns finds himself in a battle with an evil landlord – who soon ends up dead, leaving Jacob framed for murder. 2nd in series.

Steven Womack, Dirty Money (Jan., Fawcett pbo, 6.50). 6th in this multi-award winning series with Nashville PI Harry James Denton.

And we'll have new books from these authors in the first year of the 21st Century...

Nevada Barr and Anna Pigeon - March

Jon Cleary and Scobie Malone - April

Diane Mott Davidson and Goldy Schulz - March

Michael Dibdin and Aurelio Zen - April

Aaron Elkins and Gideon Oliver - April

Jonathan Gash and Lovejoy - March

Sparkle Hayter and Robin Hudson - April

Robert B. Parker and Spenser - March

Ann Perry and the Pitts - April

Christopher Reich - March

Stephen Saylor and O. Henry - April

Stephen Greenleaf and Tanner - Summer

John Dunning - Summer?

Just a taste of what's to come.

Some Winter Paperback Reprints

Donna Andrews, Murder With Peacocks (Jan., St. Martin’s, 5.99)

Ace Atkins, Crossroads Blues (Jan., St. Martin’s, 5.99)

Jo Bannister, Broken Lies (Feb., Worldwide, 4.99)

Stephanie Barron, Jane and the Genius of the Place (Feb., Bantam, 5.99)

Cheryl Bernard, Moghul Buffet (Jan., Soho, 12.00)

William Bernhardt, Dark Justice (Dec,., Ballantine, 6.99)

Chris Bohjalian, The Law of Similars (Jan., Vintage, 13.00)

Rhys Bowen, Evan Help Us (Dec., Berkley, 5.99)

Gerry Boyle, Borderline (Feb., Berkley, 6.99)

Lillian Jackson Braun, The Cat Who Saw Stars (Jan., Jove, 6.99)

Harlan Coben, The Final Detail (Feb., Dell, 6.50)

Susan Conant, Evil Breeding (Feb., Bantam, 5.99)

Michael Connelly, Angels Flight (Dec., Warner, 7.99). 6th Bosch.

Patricia Cornwell, Southern Cross (Dec., Berkley, 7.99)

Robert Crais, L. A. Requiem (Feb., Ballantine, 6.99)

Jeanne M. Dams, Malice in Miniature (Jan., HarperCollins, 5.99).

Lindsey Davis, Three Hands in the Fountain (Dec., Warner, 6.50). 9th Falco.

Loren D. Estleman, Jitterbug ( Feb., Forge, 5.99). Latest in the "Detroit Series."

Frances Fyfield, Blind Date (Jan., Penguin, 5.99)

Bartholmew Gill, The Death of An Irish Politician (Feb., Avon, 5.99)

Leslie Glass, Stealing Time (Feb., Signet, 6.99)

John Grisham, The Testament (Jan., Dell, 7.99)

Oakley Hall, Ambrose Bierce and the Queen of Spades (Feb., Penguin, 5.99)

Lyn Hamilton, The Moche Warrior (Jan., Berkley, 6.50)

Karen Harper, The Poyson Garden (Jan., Dell, 5.99). Elizabeth I mystery.

Robert Harris, Archangel (Feb., Jove, 7.99)

Carolyn Hart, Death on the River Walk (Feb., Avon, 6.50)

David Housewright, Practice to Deceive (Jan., Berkley, 5.99). Sequel to Edgar-Winner Penance.

Michael Jahn, Murder at the Museum of Natural History (Feb., Worldwide, 4.99)

Bill James, Top Banana (Feb., Foul Play, 10.00). 14th Harpur & Iles

Laurie R. King, A Darker Place (Dec., Bantam, 6.50)

Rochelle Krich, Blood Money (Jan., Avon, 6.99)

Martha Lawrence, Aquarius Descending (Jan., St. Martin’s, 5.99)

Elmore Leonard, Be Cool (Jan., Dell, 7.50). Sequel to Get Shorty.

Marianne Macdonald, Ghost Walk (Feb., Harper, 5.99). 2nd bibliomystery, after Death’s Autograph.

Charlotte MacLeod, The Balloon Man (Jan., Warner, 6.50). Sarah Kelling.

John Maxim, Mosaic (Jan., Avon, 6.99)

Leslie Meier, Valentine Murder (Jan., Kensington, 5.99)

Barbara Michaels, Other Worlds (Feb., Harper, 6.99)

Harold Schechter, Nevermore (Jan., Pocket, 6.99)

Lisa Scottoline, Mistaken Identity (Feb., Harper, 7.50)

Barbara Seranella, No Offense Intended (Dec., HarperCollins, 6.99)

Edith Skom, The Charles Dickens Murders (Dec., Dell, 5.99)

Robert Louis Stevenson III, Bright Star (Dec., Berkley, 6.99).

Howard Swindle, Outpost (orig. title: Jitter Joint) (Feb., St. Martin’s, 5.99)

Stephen White, Manner of Death (Jan., Signet, 7.50)

Paula Woods, Inner City Blues (Feb., Ballantine, 12.00)

Sally Wright, Pride and Predator (Dec., Ballantine, 5.99)

Winter Auction

The Fall auction item was an early book on Al Capone which contained actual newspaper clippings from those years. The bidding began at $30 and the winning bid was $42.

The Winter Auction item is an Advance Reader’s Copy, an uncorrected proof, a galley—whatever you happen to call these things—of J. A. Jance’s Hour of the Hunter. This book was her first hardcover, and her first Southwest book. It is a very good copy that has been read, in yellow-gold wraps. It is signed and dated 11/12/91. Bidding begins at $50.

Reference and Nonfiction

Crime Fiction III, A Comprehensive Bibliography 1749-1995, ON CD– ROM, by Allen J. Hubin (Locus Press, 49.95). The reference book for the serious mystery fan, revised and updated, available on a CD-ROM which is Mac and PC compatible.

Daphne du Maurier, by Nina Auerbach (Dec., Univ. of Penn. Press hc, 24.95). Biography of the author of Rebecca and other classics.

Detecting Women 3, by Willetta Heising (Dec., Purple Moon Press tpo, 34.95). 3rd edition of "the Big Book," with nearly 700 authors—225 new since the 2nd edition. We expect this to be a hot holiday item, so reserve your copy early. A hardcover edition may be available before the year’s end (44.95).

The Encyclopedia of Murder and Mystery, by Bruce Murphy (Dec., St. Martin’s hc, 75.00). From Aarons to Zubro, this lively and important reference book covers major (and minor) writers, provides summaries of important novels, descriptions of subgenres, information on movie adaptations, and commentary by a writer who describes himself as a mystery addict. Murphy edited the Benet’s Reader’s Encyclopedia, and writes fiction, poetry and essays for the Paris Review and other journals.

The Overlook Film Encyclopedia: The Gangster Film, ed. byPhil Hardy. (Jan., Overlook, 45.00). 416 pages with black & white photos.

Walter Mosley, Workin’ on the Chain Gang: Shaking off the Dead Hand of History (Jan., Ballantine hc, 16.95). In this Library of Contemporary Thought volume, Mosley argues that, at the turn of this century, we are all living under the echoes of slavery, and have allowed ourselves to become the property of the economy.

The Orchid Thief: A True Story of Beauty and Obsession, by Susan Orlean. (Jan., Ballantine, 14.00). Trade paperback reissue of this atmospheric tale of crime and flowers. Tammy recommends: " A great Florida tale."

The Oxford Companion to Crime and Mystery Writing, ed. by Rosemary Herbert (Dec., Oxford University Press hc, 49.95). An overview of the mystery genre in 666 articles, by writers and scholars. P. D. James calls it "a treasure trove;" Tony Hillerman says it’s "a gold mine." The editor is the mystery book reviewer for The Boston Herald.

Reissued Classics

Loren D. Estleman, Motor City Blue (Jan., ibooks, 14.00) 1st in the best Chandlerian private eye series, inexcusably out-of-print for far too long. The next three in the Amos Walker series will follow, Angel Eyes in February (iBooks, 14.00).

Joan Hess, Misery Loves Maggody (Jan., Pocket, 6.99). 1st in the series.

Ed McBain, Cop Hater (Dec., Pocket, 6.99). 1st in the 87th Precinct series.

Margaret Millar, Beast in View (Jan., Carroll & Graf, 5.95). Long out-of-print winner of the 1955 Edgar Award for Best Novel by the author married to Ross Macdonald.

Charles Willeford, The Burnt Orange Heresy (Jan., Carroll & Graf, 5.95). Art critic Jacques Figueras will do ANYTHING to further his career as he takes a job for an art collector in Florida. From 1971.

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