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New From the Northwest
Stella Cameron,
Body of Evidence (Mar., Mira pbo, 7.99). A series of murders appears to have ties to a support group in which the victims were members. Were these women killed by those they tried to leave or is it something more devious? Signing.
Michael Chabon
, The Yiddish Policeman's Union (April, Harper hc, 26.95). It's an historical fact that FDR proposed that Alaska be the homeland for the Jews instead of Israel, and this mystery takes place in what that Alaska might have been: Det. Meyer Landsman works the case of a heroin-addicted chess prodigy found dead in Meyer's run-down building. Signed Copies Available.
Mary Daheim,
The Alpine Recluse (Mar., Ballantine hc, 23.95). An arson strikes close to Emma Lord's own home, which is bad enough, but it's soon clear that the fire was set to cover an even worse crime. Signing. In paper, The Alpine Quilt (Mar., Ballantine, 6.99).
William C. Dietz, Snake Eye (Mar., iBooks hc, 21.95). A crime novel by an author of over 20 science fiction novels: FBI agent Christina Rossi's life is in shambles. The bloody end of a case has derailed her career and her divorce has separated her from her daughter. She's assigned a case that seems to be a dead end, but this case of slave labor may be something that will save her.
Robert Dugoni,The Jury Master (Mar., Warner hc, 24.95). Debut from a local litigator: a successful attorney in San Francisco has been plagued by a childhood nightmare he can't forget. The death of the President's best friend is the catalyst, forcing David Sloans to face his past and his destiny. Signing.
Earl Emerson,
Firetrap( April, Ballantine hc, 24.95). Since he was part of the crew that fought the fire at an African-American social club, Trey Brown dislikes the idea of being appointed to investigate it. But prominent community leaders have their way. When he uncovers a history of code violations and cover-ups, some of which point to the Mayor, his tension grows. Signing. In paper, (May, Ballantine, 6.99) The Smoke Room.
Michael Gruber, Night of the Jaguar (April, Morrow hc, 24.95). Concluding book in the trilogy of Miami Det. Jimmy Paz. The murder of an American priest in the Columbian jungle ties to the US when affluent Cuban-American businessmen seem to be attacked by a giant cat. Signing.In paper, Valley of Bones (Mar., Harper, 7.99).
J.J. Henderson, Murder on Naked Beach (Feb., CDS tpo, 11.95). Debut mystery with NYC photographer and travel writer Lucy Ripkin who, on assignment at a posh Jamaican resort, investigates when a fellow writer is found dead in the hot tub. A writer and editor of travel books, Henderson now lives in Seattle and each book in the series will be in a different and exotic locale. Signed Copies Available.
Sue Henry
, The Tooth of Time (April, NAL hc, 23.95). Maxie and Stretch drive to New Mexico, where Maxie plans to learn to weave. Weave she must, between the suicidal wife and the sleazy conman. Signing? In paper, Murder at Five Finger Light (Mar., Signet, 6.99), Jessie Arnold.
"India Ink",A Blush with Death (May, Berkley pbo, 6.99). 2nd with Washington State boutique owner Persia Vanderbilt. A saleswoman of a rival shop is murdered and Persia moves out from behind the counter to find answers. Aka Yasmine Galenorn. Signing.
Lisa Jackson, Fatal Burn (Mar., Kensington pbo, 7.99). A former Special Forces agent is the only one to believe a woman who says a madman is out to kill her. His daughter has been kidnapped and the guy thinks this woman is the key to getting his girl back. ANDShiver (April, Kensington hc, 19.95). In her hardcover debut, a scary story set in New Orleans: Det. Montoya is after a killer who murders in pairs, but the two victims of any of the crimes have no relation to one another. Signing
Deborah Morgan,
The Majolica Murders (April, Berkley pbo, 6.99). Seattle antiques dealer Jeff Talbot looks for answers when a friend is accused of killing a shady dealer. 5th in the series by the wife of Loren D. Estleman.
John J. Nance, Orbit (Mar.,Simon & Schuster hc, 25.00). Kip Dawson is a guy in mid-life crisis so winning a seat on the American Space Adventure is a godsend. When a micrometeorite kills the pilot and the communication system, he knows he's doomed. He doesn't know that the laptop on which he types his thoughts is hooked to the internet and that the world will soon be reading his last will as a rescue mission is hastily prepared. Signing.
Amanda Quick, Second Sight ( May, Putnam hc, 24.95). In Victorian London, Venetia Milton is unaware that taking the name of her dead lover when she opens a gallery will lead to trouble, but it does – with a secretive association founded 200 years before by an alchemist. The Arcane Society is not to be trifled with. Signing. In paper, Lie By Moonlight (May, Jove, 7.99). 

Now in paperback
D.W. Buffa,
Trial by Fire (April, Onyx, 7.99).
Ridley Pearson, Cut and Run (Mar., Hyperion, 7.99).
Jess Walter, Citizen Vince (April , Harper, 14.95). One of the top 2 books of '05 as voted by Tammy and JB, and an Edgar Nominee – see page 9! 

Coming this Summer
Mary Daheim
& the Bed and Breakfast, Aug.
Aaron Elkins
& Gideon Oliver,June
G.M. Ford
& Corso,July
J.A. Jance
& Joanna Brady, Aug.
Elizabeth Lowell,
The Wrong Hostage, June
Phillip Margolin,
Proof Positive, July 

New from the Rest
Boris Akunin,
The Death of Achilles (April, Random House tpo, 12.95). In his 4th book, Erast Fandorin deals not only with a murdered war veteran, a German nightclub singer, a short gangster and a mole in the secret police, but also his nemesis. In paper, The Turkish Gambit(April, Random House, 12.95).
Susan Wittig Albert, Bleeding Hearts (April, Berkley hc, 23.95). China Bayles is asked to conduct a discreet investigation after a popular coach is accused of shocking actions. Signed Copies Available. In paper, Dead Man's Bones (April, Berkley, 6.99).
Susanne Alleyn, Game of Patience (Mar., St. Martin's hc, 23.95). Paris is chaotic in 1796. It's after the Revolution and the murders of two people are not much news. But Aristide Roussel feels that there is something special about the death of this young woman and the man who was blackmailing her.
Robert Baer, Blow the House Down (May, Crown hc, 25.95). CIA veteran Max Waller has been obsessed with the murder of his agency mentor. A photo surfaces that might hold clues but the first person he shows it to dies. As the summer of 2001 rushes on, Max wonders why he's being watched and why so many former friends are turning against him.  By the bestselling author and former CIA operative whose book became the basis for the movie Syriana.
Donna Ball,Smoky Mountain Tracks (Mar., Signet pbo, 6.99). 1st in a new series with Raine Stockton and her gold lab Cisco, working with a North Carolina Search and Rescue group.
Robert Barnard, Dying Flames (May, Scribner hc, 24.00). A novelist returns home after 20 years and is confronted by a young woman whose mother showed her his dust jacket photo, telling her that he was her father. When the mother goes missing, he tries to reconcile that girl he knew in the past with the woman known to be living in a fantasy.
Linda Barnes, Heart of the World (May, St. Martin's hc, 24.95). When a young girl to whom Carlotta was a Big Sister vanishes, the Boston PI determines to find out what is going on. The case brings back memories of when she gave up a daughter for adoption.
Aileen Baron, The Torch of Tangier (May, Poisoned Pen hc, 24.95). In wartime Tangier, US archeologist Lily Sampson is working on a Neanderthal dig and working undercover for the American Legation. The city is policed by the Spanish Fascists and she's helping to prepare for the Allied invasion of Northern Africa. Signing?
Ruth Birmingham,
Feet of Clay (May, St. Martin's hc, 23.95). 6th book – and 1st hardcover – in the Edgar winning series with Atlanta PI Sunny Childs. The author is really Walter Sorrells.
Cara Black, Murder in Montmartre (Feb., Soho hc, 23.00). A childhood friend of Aimee's – a woman cop – is accused of killing her male partner. In paper, Murder in Clichy (Mar , Soho, 12.00), the 4th in the series.
Rhys Bowen, Oh Danny Boy (Mar., St. Martin's hc, 23.95). 5th with early 1900s PI Molly Murphy.
C.J. Box, In Plain Sight ( May, Putnam hc, 24.95). Montana game warden Joe Pickett is caught up the battle between two brothers over control of their family's huge ranch. Overlooked is the fact that their mother is missing and the ranch is not theirs to control. Signing? In paper, Out ofRange (May, Berkley, 7.99). Sandy recommends this author.
Ken Bruen,
The Dramatist(Mar., St. Martin's hc, 22.95). Irish cop Jack Taylor is clean for once, mainly because his dealer is in jail. When the guy calls him, he's reluctant to go, but go he does and is asked to look into the death of the man's sister. And look he does. SignedCopies Available. In paper, The Madgalen Martyrs (Mar., St. Martin's,12.95), the 3rd Taylor. Favorite series of Janine's.
Sammi Carter,
Chocolate-Dipped Death ( Mar., Berkley pbo, 6.99). 2nd in the cozy candy store series.
Marion Cheseny, Our Lady of Pain (April, St. Martin's hc, 22.95). 4th Edwardian mystery with Lady Rose Summer. In paper, Sick of Shadows ( April, St. Martin's, 6.99).
Lee Child, The Hard Way (May, Dell hc, 25.00).  In NYC sipping coffee, Jack Reacher is in the right place at the right time, once again, to help someone in trouble – a military man with a past not unlike his own. In trying to help with a kidnapping, Reacher does the unthinkable: he makes mistakes. Signing. In paper, One Shot (Mar., Dell, 7.99). We recommend ALL of his books but this may be his best ! ! !
Laura Childs
, Blood Orange Brewing (April, Berkley hc, 23.95). 7th in this teashop series.  In paper, Chamomile Mourning (Mar, Berkley, 6.99).
Harlan Coben, Promise Me ( May, Dutton hc, 26.95). Myron Bolitar Returns! For six years, his life has been quiet. But a promise made by a couple of neighborhood girls to never get in a car with a drunk driver changes that; he becomes a suspect when he gives one of them a ride and she vanishes. In paper, The Innocent (May, Signet, 9.99).
Kate Collins, Snipped in the Bud (May, Signet pbo, 6.99). 4th in the flower shop series. Abbey becomes the prime suspect when her old law school professor is murdered and the black rose she delivered to him is found on his body.
Patricia Cornwell, At Risk (May, Putnam hc, 21.95). A new stand-alone thriller. An ambitious DA plans to use a new DNA analysis procedure to solve a cold case and ride the acclaim to the governor's mansion. Her investigator doubts the wisdom of the plan.
Peter Corris, Taking Care of Business (Mar., Allen & Unwin tpo, 11.95). 23rd with Australian PI Cliff Hardy.
Robert Crais, The Two Minute Rule (Mar., Simon & Schuster hc, 24.95). On the day he's to be released after 10 years in prison for bank robbery, Max Holman finds out his LAPD son has been killed while on duty with three other cops. When he's shut out of the invest-gation, Max determines to find out what happened. The trail leads him into police corruption. Signing.
Bill Crider,
A Mammoth Murder (April , St. Martin's hc, 23.95). 13th with Texas Sheriff Dan Rhodes.
Diane Mott Davidson, Dark Tort (May, Morrow hc, 24.95). Goldy has a new, lucrative gig: catering for a law firm's breakfast meetings and conference room. When she stumbles over the dead body of a paralegal, the woman's mother begs her to find the killer. Signed Copies Available.
Tim Dorsey,
The Big Bamboo (April , Morrow hc, 24.95). Serge Storm travels to Hollywood. In paper, Torpedo Juice (April, Harper, 7.99). Tammy recommends this author.
John Dunning,
The Bookwoman's Last Fling (May , Scribner hc, 25.00). Janeway finds himself in the midst of horseracing and collectable children's books – things John Dunning knows well. Signed Copies Available. In paper,The Sign of the Book ( April, Pocket, 9.99).
Anthony Eglin, The Lost Gardens (April, St. Martin's hc, 23.95) 2nd in the English Garden mystery series.
Kathy Lynn Emerson, Face Down Beside St. Anne's Well ( April, Perseverance Press tpo, 13.95). 10th Elizabethan mystery.
Maggie Estep, Flamethrower (April, 3 Rivers tpo, 14.00). 3rd in one of Janine's favorite series: Ruby Murphy has her hands full – trying to find the source of a severed human leg, being fired from her job at the Coney Island Museum and being accused of infidelity by her boyfriend. Quirky, borderline-noir, character-driven stories with multiple points of view.
Loren D. Estleman, Nicotine Kiss (April, Forge hc, 23.95, Signed Copies 24.95). Amos Walker is not one to ignore a debt, so when a cigarette smuggler who had once saved Amos' life goes missing, he agrees to look for him. Trouble is, there is some interest by Homeland Security who see a link to counterfeiting and terrorists. 18th in his superior private eye series, highly recommended by Bill and JB.
Jerrilyn Farmer,
DesperatelySeeking Sushi (Mar, Morrow hc, 23.95). Maddie Bean looks into the death of two obnoxious brothers who were trying to buy the building into which she's just moved. 
Sharon Fiffer, Hollywood Stiff (April, St. Martin's hc, 23.95). 5th with Hollywood PI Jane Wheel.
Joseph Finder, Killer Instinct (May, St. Martin's hc, 24.95). A young exec in a Boston electronics corporation is a nice guy, but his career has stalled. He hires a Special Forces vet to join corporate security and to pitch on the softball team. Soon the exec's career begins to take off – with some dark help from his new friend. In paper, Company Man (Mar., St. Martin's, 7.99).
Joanne Fluke, Cherry Cheesecake Murder (Mar., Kensington hc, 22.00). Bake shop owner Hannah Swensen investigates when a Hollywood director is killed during filming in her town. The publisher sent us a cheesecake made with this recipe and it was superb!
Earlene Fowler, The Saddlemaker's Wife ( May, Berkley hc, 23.95). A widow finds out she's inherited part of a California cattle ranch. She's been told his family was dead but finds that they're very much alive and that there is much about her husband's past he'd never told her. A departure from her quilting series. In paper, Delectable Mountains (May, Berkeley, 7.99), her 12th Benni Harper.
Alan Furst, The Foreign Correspondent ( May, Random House hc, 24.95). In 1939, a murder/suicide in a Parisian hotel is not out of the ordinary. Passions run high. The man, it turns out, was the editor of a clandestine Italian newspaper fighting against Mussolini. His replacement at the paper wants answers.
Victor Gischler, Shotgun Opera (May, Dell pbo, 6.99). A retired hit-man finds himself facing a new, young woman assassin. To make it worse, the rules seem to have been modified since he hung it up. Coming out of seclusion to help his nephew, he's facing an entirely new game.
Hal Glatzer, The Last Full Measure (April, Perseverance Press tpo, 13.95). Swing musician Katy Green joins a band cruising to Honolulu in late Nov., 1941. She and some friends don't know they're sailing into murder and war.
Jane Haddam, Hardscrabble Road (April , St. Martin's hc, 24.95). 21st with retired FBI agent Gregor Demarkian.
Carolyn Haines, Penumbra(April, St. Martin's hc, 23.95). In 1950s Mississippi, young Jade Drexel belongs nowhere. Of mixed parents, she is free of so much of the racial tension others feel, but is isolated at the same time. When Jade's half-sister is beaten and her niece taken, she determines to get the girl back.
Denise Hamilton, Prisoner of Memory (April, Scribner hc, 24.00). LA reporter Eve Diamond finds herself looking into her own family's past. Signing. In paper, Savage Garden (Mar ., Pocket, 6.99).
Laurell K. Hamilton, Micah (Mar., Jove pbo, 7.99). Anita Blake and Micah face new challenges.
Lyn Hamilton,The Orkney Scroll (April, Berkley hc, 22.95). 10th with Toronto antiques dealer Lara McClintoch. A client is accused of murder after being scammed. The trail leads to the Scottish islands. In paper, The Moai Murders ( April, Berkley, 6.99).
David Handler,The Sweet Golden Parachute (Mar., St. Martin's hc, 23.95) Dorset is in an uproar: two troublesome brothers are due out of prison, an elite family has a daughter trying to take over her grandmother's assets and there's a Romeo and Juliet thing going on. Who better to step into the mess than Desiree and Mitch? 5th in this staff favorite series.
Charlaine Harris, Definitely Dead(May, Ace hc, 23.95). 6th comic vampire mystery with Sookie Stackhouse. In paper, Dead as a Doornail (May, Berkley, 7.99).
Carolyn Hart, Dead Days of Summer (April, Morrow hc, 23.95). 17thDeath on Demand mystery. Was Max having an affair with the dead woman or is he being set up? In paper, Death of the Party(Mar ., Avon, 6.99). Fran recommends this biblio series.
John Hart,
The King of Lies (May, St. Martin's hc, 22.95). Debut thriller. A small town lawyer in North Carolina finds old family secrets are released when his father is murdered. The façade he's constructed for himself begins to crack. 
Pete Hautman, The Prop(April, Simon & Schuster tpo, 14.00). Peeky Kane plays poker for the casino, helping to skin the suckers of their money. When she finds herself caught up in a scam to rob the casino, she knows she's over her head. Bill recommends: "a woman's first person narrative written convincingly by a man."
Steven F. Havill, Statute of Limitations (Mar., St Martins hc, 23.95). 13th Posadas County mystery.
Naomi Hirahara, Snakeskin Shamisen ( April, Delta tpo, 12.00). 3rd with Japanese-American gardener Mas Arai. Mas investigates when a friend wins half a million from a novelty slot machine and then turns up dead with the only clue being a traditional Okinawa instrument,
Tami Hoag, Prior Bad Acts (Mar., Bantam hc, 26.00). MN cops Kovac and Liska return.
David Housewright, Pretty Girl Gone (May, St. Martin's hc, 24.95). In his 3rd case, Mac McKenzie is called by an old girlfriend who is now married to the Governor. Someone has made threats with ugly rumors and she wants Mac to help. Edgar Winning author.
Victoria Houston, Dead Boogie (Mar., Berkley pbo, 6.99). 7th Loon Lake fishing mystery.
Roberta Isleib, Final Fore (Mar., Berkley pbo, 6.99). 5th and final PGA mystery.
Jane Jakeman, In the City of Dark Waters (May, Berkley hc, 23.95). Claude Monet and his wife leave Paris so that he can paint in Venice and to escape the unwanted attention brought on by a murder (In the Kingdom of Mists, Berkley tp, 14.00).
Linda O. Johnston, Fine-Feathered Death (May, Berkley pbo, 6.99). 3rd with lawyer and pet-sitter Kendra Ballantyne. A partner in her law firm is murdered and the only witness is a bird.
Craig Johnson, Death Without Company (Mar., Viking hc, 23.95). After a woman is poisoned in her retirement home, Wyoming Sheriff Walk Longmire is drawn into a strange web of the Basque community, the lucrative coal-bed methane industry and the life of his prede-cessor. In paper, The Cold Dish (Mar., Penguin, 14.00).
Jonathan Kellerman, Gone(Mar. , Ballantine hc, 26.95). Alex and Milo. In paper, Rage (Mar., Ballantine, 7.99).
Simon Kernick, A good Day to Die (May, St. Martin's hc, 24.95). Ex-cop Milne returns to London when he hears his old partner has been murdered. He arrives to find justice and instead finds others are tracking his return. In paper, Die Twice (May, St. Martin's, 11.95). Janine recommends this author.
Diana Killian,
Sonnet of the Sphinx (April, Pocket pbo, 6.99). In their 3rd romp in England's Lake District, Grace Hollister and Peter Fox find a manuscript that might be an unknown Shelley work.
Jonathan King, (May, Putnam hc, 24.95). A stand-alone thriller for this Edgar Winner: After a convicted killer is gunned down outside of prison, a reporter is sent to cover the story. Before he can get too far into the story, he discovers that this wasn't the first murder related to past articles he'd written.  In paper, A Killing Night (April, Signet, 6.99).
Laurie R. King, The Art of Detection ( Mar., Bantam hc, 24.00). At a murder scene, San Francisco cop Kate Martinelli discovers that the victim was a Sherlock Holmes fanatic and a manuscript he'd recently bought is missing – a manuscript supposedly written by Holmes himself.  In paper, Locked Rooms (Mar., Bantam, 6.99) Russell. Fran recommends everything Laurie writes.
Donna Leon,
Through a Glass Darkly (May, Atlantic hc 23.00). A favor to a friend leads Brunetti into the secretive island of Murano, home of the world-famous glass factories. One of the factory owners becomes irate, piquing the Commissario's curiosity. When a watchman's body is found by a roaring furnace, his investigation becomes formal. In paper, Blood from a Stone (May, Penguin, 7.99).
Rett MacPherson, Dead Man Running (April , St. Martin's hc, 23.95). 5th genealogical mystery with Torie O'Shea.
Henning Mankell, Chronicler of the Winds (April, New Press hc, 24.95). Translated from Swedish by former Seattleite Tiina Nunnally! Forced into a port city when bandits destroy his village, a young African boy becomes a leader of other street kids. Thought to be a healer and a prophet, the boy seems to have ancient wisdom.  Over the course of a few nights, he tells his story as his short life nears an end.
Nancy Martin, Have Your Cake and Kill Him Too (Mar., NAL hc, 19.95). The 5th Blackbird Sisters mystery. In paper, Cross Your Heart and Hope to Die ( Mar., Signet, 6.99).
G.A. McKevett, Corpse Suzette (May, Kensington hc, 22.00). PI Savannah Reid looks into the abduction of a plastic surgeon from a luxurious spa. In paper, Murder a la Mode ( April, Kensington, 6.99).
Patrick McManus, The Blight Way (Mar., Simon & Schuster hc, 24.00). Blight County Sheriff Bo Tully is baffled by the body on Fatim Scragg's ranch. He's got no suspects. It's been a while since he really had to be a sleuth, but he's ready to do what needs to be done and he'll do it the Blight Way.
D.R. Meredith, Murder by the Book (April , Berkley pbo, 6.99). 5th in the series with librarian Megan Clark, who deals with a killer who has obviously studied Agatha Christie.
Deon Meyer, Dead Before Dying (May, Little Brown hc, 24.95). Cape Town cop Mat Jobert is perplexed by a series of killings. The murder weapon is  a century-old German revolver.
John Mortimer,Quite Honestly (Mar., Viking hc, 24.95). Life has been great to Lucinda Purefoy so she decides to give something back. She joins a group that befriends recently released prisoners. Her first "friend" introduces her to experiences she hadn't anticipated, starting with a short and hostile trip to Burger King.
Kate Mosse, Labyrinth (Mar., Putnam hc, 25.95). Two parallel stories, set 800 years apart, about two women who fight to protect the labyrinth and the secret it protects. Politics, religion, archeology, a manuscript and a Grail.
Tamar Myers, The Cane Mutiny (May, Avon pbo, 6.99). 13th in the Den of Antiquity series.
Vincent H. O'Neil, Murder in Exile (April, St. Martin's hc, 22.95). Winner of the 2005 Malice Domestic/St. Martins Press Best First Traditional Mystery. After he goes bankrupt, Frank Cole is keeping a low profile. Taking a job as a fact-checker for an insurance company, he's sent to check out a hit-and-run case. He believes it was no accident.
Robert B. Parker, Sea Change (Feb., Putnam hc, 24.95), his 5th with Jesse Stone.  In paper, Cold Service (Mar., Berkley, 7.99), Spenser.
T. Jefferson Parker, The Fallen (Mar., Morrow hc, 24.95). After he survives a fall from a 6th floor window, an ordinary San Diego cop develops synethesia: he can literally see the speech of others as shapes and colors. He uses this as a rough lie detector in his new role with the city's Ethics Authority Enforcement unit.  Signing. Janine recommends.
Henry Porter,
Brandenburg Gate ( April, Atlantic hc, 24.00. In the last weeks before the collapse of the Berlin Wall, deadly games are still playing out. A former Stasi agent, now an art historian, is maneuvered into one last mission – to contact a former lover he believes he saw die. What none involved know is that there are three sides in this final game. Espionage by a prize-winning UK journalist.
Matthew Pearl, The Poe Shadow (May, Random House hc, 24.95) In Baltimore, 1849, everyone apparently is satisfied with the story that Poe was a second-rate writer who died a drunkard. One young fan hates the idea and finds that some events from Poe's last days are too bizarre to believe.
Anne Perry, Dark Assassin (Mar., Ballantine hc, 25.95). Insp. Monk witnesses a couple plunge off the Waterloo Bridge to their death in the icy water. Were they fighting, was it an accident, suicide? In paper, LongSpoon Lane (Mar., Ballantine, 7.50).
Thomas Perry, Nightlife(Mar., Random House hc, 24.95). When the cousin of a LA underworld boss is murdered the cops find only strands of blonde hair. Did they belong to a girlfriend, and is she missing or also a victim? Portland homicide cop Catherine Hobbes focuses on solving the crime and finding the girlfriend. Her job is complicated by a PI hired to find answers and by the killer who is a chameleon.
Elizabeth Peters, Tomb of the Golden Bird (April, Morrow hc, 25.95). The Emersons are sure that they know the location of the tomb of King Tutankhamon. Signed Copies Available. In paper, The Serpent on theCrown (April, Avon, 9.99).
Bill Pronzini, Mourners(Mar., Forge hc, 24.95, signed copies 25.95). "Nameless"'s latest case is more than strange: the client had spent most of his time going to funerals for people he didn't know. "Nameless" and his colleagues are now at their clients funeral. Latest in the longest running private eye series currently being written.
Ian Rankin, Blood Hunt (Mar., Little Brown hc, 24.95). A former soldier can't accept that his brother took his own life, so he travels to the scene, in CA. There he finds puzzles, obstruction and rage.
Cornelia Reed, A Field of Darkness (May, Mysterious Press hc, 22.95). In the summer of '88, a fledgling writer for a newspaper in upstate New York is desperate to escape the boredom of small-town life. When a set of dog tags turns up at the scene of a long-unsolved double murder, she's compelled to investigate; the name on the tags is that of her favorite cousin. A brilliant debut: perfect pacing, believable characters, wonderful storytelling in a unique voice! Signing?Highly recommended by Fran, Janine and Tammy.
J.D. Rhoades,
Good Day in Hell (Mar., St. Martin's hc, 23.95). 2nd book with North Carolina bounty hunter Jack Keller. A killing rampage at a local church is bad enough. But the killers appear to have been led by a media-savvy maniac who isn't yet through. Janine Recommends this author.
Cynthia Riggs
, Indian Pipes (May, St. Martin's hc, 22.95). 5th with Martha's Vineyard's 92 year old police deputy Victoria Trumbull. The author is a 13th generation Islander.
John Maddox Roberts, SPQR X: A Point of Law (May, St. Martin's hc, 23.95). Decius has won acclaim for his wins over the Mediterranean pirates but his hopes to be elected Praetor are threatened by accusations of corruption. He must clear his name.
David Rosenfelt, Dead Center (May, Warner hc, 24.95). Andy Carpenter travels to Wisconsin to help Laurie. A young man has been arrested for murder and, though the evidence is strong, she doubts his guilt. Signed Copies Available. In paper, Sudden Death (May, Warner, 6.99). A terrific and funny series.
James Sallis,
Cripple Creek ( April, Walker hc, 23.00). A year or so has passed since the events recounted in Cypress Grove (Walker, 13.00) and Turner has become a Deputy Sheriff in a small town near Memphis. He believes he's escaped his troubled past but a routine traffic stop leads to the beating of a fellow deputy and a jailbreak. Turner heads back to the big city to set things right. Signing? One of JB's all-time favorite writers.
John Sandford,
Dead Watch (May, Putnam hc, 26.95). An investigator for the White House Chief of Staff is used to tricky deals, but this new deal is the toughest: a Senator has vanished, his wife and kids are on the run, and a burned body found barb-wired to a tree is somehow connected. Political thrills from the Prey master. In paper, Broken Prey (May , Berkley, 9.99).
Lisa Scottoline, Dirty Blonde (April, Harper hc, 25.95). A new young judge finds her life and everything she's worked for to be in trouble when her secrets become public during a murder case before her. Signed Copies Available. In paper, Devil's Corner (April, Harper, 7.99).
David Skibbins,High Priestess (April, St. Martin's hc, 23.95). A man from Warren's past blackmails him into looking into the deaths of two members of the guy's church. As in his debut, Eight of Swords (in paper, April, St. Martin's, 6.99), Warren's past won't leave him alone. Signed Copies Available. Fran recommends this author. 
Alexander McCall Smith
Blue Shoes and Happiness (April, Pantheon hc, 21.95) The 7th with Precious and the No. 1 Ladies Detective Agency. In paper, In the Company of CheerfulLadies ( Mar, Vintage, 12.95).
Domenic Stansberry, The Big Boom (May, St. Martin's hc, 23.95). 2nd Bay Area PI book with Dante Mancuso. A missing daughter case becomes a hunt for a murderer. In paper, Chasing the Dragon( April, St. Martin's, 13.95), the 1st. Edgar Winning author.
James Swain, Deadman's Poker (May) and Deadman's Bluff (June, both Ballantine pbo, 6.99). Two fast and hard ones with swindle-stopper Tony Valentine. He heads to Las Vegas to interrupt a Big Con being run by some card-sharks.
Frank Tallis, A Death in Vienna (Mar ., Grove hc, 22.00). In Vienna at the end of the 19th Century, Max Liebermann is at the forefront of the development of psychoanalysis, practicing the new science with the skills of a detective. His friend Det. Rheinhardt calls on him for help when a young medium is murdered in what appears to be impossible circumstances – her body is found in a room locked on the inside and by a gun that isn't present.
Lou Jane Temple, Death du Jour (Mar., Berkley hc, 22.95). 2nd mystery with Fanny Delarue, cook to a wealthy family in 1790s Paris. In paper, The Spice Box (May, 6.99).
Aimee & David Thurlo, Mourning Dove (April, Forge hc, 24.95). Ella Clah.
Barbara Vine, The Minotaur (Mar., Harmony hc, 25.00). A young Swedish nurse begins to doubt the diagnosis of the man she's to care for – a 39 year old schizophrenic, heavily drugged, shuffling through life. Once a brilliant mathematician, he seems to be a captive of his mother and sisters. Aka Ruth Rendell .
Ann Waldron, A RareMurder in Princeton (April, Berkley pbo, 6.99). 4th in this academic series. Journalist McLeod Dunlaney investigates a death in the rare book section of the Princeton library.
Jill Patton Walsh, Debts of Dishonor (April, St. Martin's hc, 23.95). 3rd whodunit with wise and witty nurse Imogen Quy of Cambridge University.
Betty Webb, Desert Run ( Mar., Poisoned Pen hc, 24.95). The sole surviving member of the Germans who escaped from a prison camp in Arizona during WWII is murdered and Scottsdale PI Lena Jones looks into the case. Did he know something about a murder that happened at the time of the escape? Signed Copies Available? Back in print, the first three in the series, Desert Noir, Desert Wives and Desert Shadows (Mar., Poisoned Pen, 12.95 ea.).
Randy Wayne White, Dark Light (Mar., Putnam hc, 24.95). A Category Four hurricane off the West Coast of Florida uncovers an old wreck. An elderly woman asks Ford to look into it, believing it will prove the innocence of a man thought to have worked with the Nazis. Signing. In paper, Dead of Night (Mar., Berkley, 7.99). See also Reissues of Note.
Stephen White, Kill Me ( Mar., Dutton hc, 25.95). Alan Gregory faces something new: what if you were deathly ill or critically hurt and could choose to not live? What if you could make that choice but couldn't change your mind? Sandy recommends . In paper, Missing Persons (Mar., Signet, 9.99).
John Morgan Wilson, Rhapsody in Blood (Mar., St. Martin's hc, 24.95). In the 7th installment in this Edgar winning series, disgraced journalist Benjamin Justice travels with a friend to a movie set. Part of the movie's story is about the last lynching in California and the death of a movie star. When he arrives, the set is in turmoil. Someone who promised to expose new facts about the lynching has been murdered. Signing? 

Is This Life Imitating Art Or The Other Way Around?
Kathy Reichs
and Max Allan Collins, Bones: Buried Deep (Mar., Pocket pbo, 7.99). A novel based on the hit TV show which itself is based on the books, the character in the books and the life of the author of the books, but is a new, original story and book on its own, based on the hit TV show which itself...
"Gary Troupe", Bad Twin ( May, Hyperion hc, 21.95) At the beginning of the first episode of Lost, a bestselling thriller writer is sucked into the engine of the crashed plane. This is the book he had just finished: A PI is hired to find one twin missing from a tragedy prone family. Convoluted " vertical promotion" from the publishing arm of the company that owns the network that airs the TV show.

Now in Paperback
Donna Andrews,
Owls Well That Ends Well (Mar., St. Martin's, 6.99).
Linwood Barclay, Bad Guys (May, Bantam, 6.99). Janine recommends.
Lawrence Block,
All the Flowers are Dying (Mar., Harper, 7.99). JB & Bill recommend.
Dan Brown,
The Da Vinci Code (Mar., Random House, 7.99). In time for the movie tie-in.
Elizabeth George, With No One As Witness (Mar., Harper, 7.99). Fran recommends.
Jane Stanton Hitchcock,
One Dangerous Lady (May, Miramax, 13.95).
Jack Kerley, The Death Collectors ( May, Signet, 7.99).
Jill McGown, Unlucky for Some (Mar., Ballantine, 6.99).
Owen Parry,Rebels of Babylon (Mar., Harper, 7.99).
Iain Pears,The Portrait ( April, Riverhead, 13.00).
George Pelecanos, Drama City (April, Warner, 6.99).
James Siegel, Detour (April, Warner, 6.99) Bill recommends.
P.J. Tracy
, Dead Run ( April, Signet, 7.99).
Louise Ure, Forcing Amaryllis (May, Warner, 6.99). Fran recommends this debut.
Donald E. Westlake
, Watch Your Back (Mar., Warner, 7.50). Bill recommends.
Don Winslow
, The Power of the Dog (May, Vintage, 14.95). With all due respect to the Edgar nominees,THIS is best book of 2005.

Coming This Summer
Donna Andrews
& Meg Langslow, Aug.
Lawrence Block,
Hit Parade, July
Michael Bond
& Pamplemousse,June
James Lee Burke
& Dave Robicheaux, July
Jeffrey Deaver
& Lincoln Rhyme, June
Barry Eisler
& John Rain, June
Jasper Fforde
& Jack Spratt, July
Joshilyn Jackson,
Between, Georgia, July
Laura Lippman
& Tess Monaghan, July
Margaret Maron
& Judge Knott, Aug.
Marcia Muller
& Sharon McCone, July
Preston & Child,
The Book of the Dead, June
George Pelecanos,
The Night Gardner, Aug.
Bill Pronzini,
The Crimes of Jordan Wise, July
Kathy Reichs
& Tempe Brennan, July
Ruth Rendell
& Insp. Wexford, July
Peter Robinson
& Insp. Banks, June
P.J. Tracy
& the Monkeewrench gang, Aug.
Andrew Vachss
& Burke, Aug.
Daniel Woodrell,
Winter's Bones, Aug.

From Overseas
Asa Larson,
Sun Storm (April, Delacorte hc, 22.00). Winner of Sweden's "Best First Crime Novel". A young lawyer is called back to her hometown when a body is discovered. Once there, she is immersed in suspicion and religious righteousness.
Manuel Vazquez Montalban,The Man of My Life (Feb., Serpent's Tail tpo, 15.00). The murder of a rich Barcelona financier leads Carvalho into the world of Satanism and religious sects.
Miyuki Miyabe,Crossfire (Mar., Kodansha hc, 24.95). A young woman is able to start fires by force of will and begins to use the talent to punish violent criminals. Her talent draws the attention of the Tokyo arson squad and the Guardians, a secretive vigilante group. In paper, Shadow Family ( Feb., Kodansha, 11.95).
Helene Tursten, The Torso (April, Soho hc, 24.00). In her second US book, Swedish Det. Insp. Irene Huss is sent to Denmark when a current case seems to match an unsolved one from years before. Before she can get anywhere, other torsos are found and these are tied to other Huss cases. She begins to fear someone is killing people with whom she's had contact and that the killer might be one of her colleagues.

    From England
Susanna Gregory,
A Conspiracy of Violence (April, Trafalgar hc, 24.95). First in a new series set in Restoration London. Thomas Chaloner has been a reluctant spy for a government official. When that man is found stabbed, Chaloner is lead into a web of confusion. Signed Copies Available. In paper, The Mark of a Murderer (May, Trafalgar, 7.99) her 11th Bartholomew.
Quintin Jardine, For the Death of Me (Mar., Trafalgar hc, 24.95). The 7th Oz Blackstone. Signed Copies Available. In paper, Lethal Intent (April , Trafalgar, 9.99), his 14th with Edinburgh cop Bob Skinner.
Edward Marston, The Parliament House (Feb., Allison & Busby hc, 25.95). In 1670, a London architectural project has gone smoothly. At a party to celebrate and cheer the designer, a guest is murdered, bringing the celebration to a dead end.
Stuart Pawson, Shooting Elvis(April, Allison & Busby hc, 25.95). Low-tech espionage is uncovered after a strange murder. In paper,Over the Edge, Deadly Friends, and Some by Fire (Mar., and April, Allison & Busby, 9.95 ea.).
Rosemary Rose, A Roman Ransom ( May, Trafalgar hc, 24.95). In his 8th book, Libertus must rise from his sick bed to look for his sponsor's family. They've gone missing and soon a ransom note arrives. 2nd Century Roman Britain. Signed Copies Available.
Catherine Shaw,
The Library Paradox (May, Allison & Busby hc, 25.95). In 1896, women are not seen as being investigators, but Vanessa has gotten a reputation for her results. Three Cambridge professors come to her when a colleague is murdered. In paper, Flowers Stainedwith Moonlight (May, Allison & Busby, 9.95).
The Tainted Relic (Mar., Trafalgar tpo, 14.95). Interlocking tales from 5 masters of medieval mysteries: Michael Jecks, Susanna Gregory, Bernard Knight, Ian Morson, PhilipGooden and Simon Beaufort (a pseudonym of Gregory's). Each uses their series character to follow the trail of a cursed relic – supposedly a piece of the true cross.

    In paper
The Best British Mysteries 2006
, Maxim Jakubowski, ed. (Mar., Allison & Busby, 9.95). New stories by Harvey, Mortimer, Robinson, Connolly and others.
Judith Cutler, Drawing the Line(Mar., Allison & Busby, 9.95).
Jonathan Gash, The Year of the Woman (Mar., Allison & Busby, 9.95).
Alanna Knight, The Inspector's Daughter and Ghost Walk ( Mar., Allison & Busby, 9.95).
Deryn Lake, Death in the Setting Sun (Feb., Allison & Busby, 9.95).
Priscilla Masters, A Plea of Sanity (Mar ., Allison & Busby, 9.95).
David Wishart, Food for the Fishes (May, Trafalgar, 9.99) Paperback of the 8th in this Ancient Roman series.

Small Mystery Presses
As the major publishers continue to gut their lists and publish just what is safe and will sell a bazillion copies, small presses continue to sprout and thrive. Two "new" ones are added to this section – Europa and Pegasus.   - the eds.

    Bitter Lemon
Giampiero Rigosi,
Night Bus (May, 14.95). Debut Italian thriller: A beautiful young hustler in Bologna rips off the wrong mark and finds herself with a document that puts her in the midst of a political storm.

     Europa Editions
Matthew F. Jones,
Boot Tracks (May, 14.95). A stylish and harrowing story of a man and a woman seeking safety after an assassination attempt fails.
Chad Taylor, Departure Lounge (April, 14.95). Urban noir about a young woman who vanishes, the effect on those left behind, and odd patterns of the coincidences of fate. New Zealand author.

     Felony & Mayhem             April releases, 14.95 ea.
Robert Barnard, Out of the Blackout. When the London Blitz was over, only one of the evacuated children was not claimed by parents. 40 years later, the man is in London and afraid to find answers. From 1985. Tammy recommends.
Elizabeth Daly
, The House Without the Door. Acquitted of murdering her husband, Vina Gregson has been convicted in the eyes of the public. When she begins to receive threatening letters, she turns to Henry Gamadge for help. She thinks the letters come from the murderer. From 1942.
S.F.X. Dean, By Frequent Anguish. A New England literature professor, having lived quietly for years, falls for the daughter of an old friend. When she's murdered, his life is filled with fire. From 1982.
Reginald Hill, The Spy's Wife. After living an idyllic life, Molly Keatley finds that her husband had been a Soviet spy, using her for his purposes. Waking from her placidity, she agrees to help track the bastard down. From 1980.
Peter Lovesey, Bertie and the Seven Bodies. Comic mystery with the eldest son of Queen Victoria. While hosting a shooting party at his country estate, the guests have become the targets. From 1990.
William Marshall, Yellowthread Street. The 1st of this series of the cops of Hong Kong and the bizarre and entertaining stories of their cases. For fans of Westlake and Ross Thomas. From 1975. Bill recommends.

    Hard Case Crime
Ken Bruen and Jason Star,
Bust(May, 6.99). New book from two award winners. A hired hit on a wife turns to disaster and gives us the lesson that Drano will not get rid of a body.
Richard Powell, Say It with Bullets (Mar., 6.99). Out of print for 50 years. A GI is traveling the West by bus, trying to find out which of his old Army buddies shot him and left him for dead.
Seymour Shubin, Witness to Myself (April, 6.99). New book. Fifteen years before, as a teen, a lawyer jogged off a beach and into a nightmare that has never left him. Now, events bring him back to the scene and the events.

         Pegasus Books
Martyn Waites,
The Mercy Seat (April hc, 25.00). Former journalist Joe Donovan is lured out of Newcastle to help a street kid threatened by a sadistic professional killer. First US release from a noted British crime writer. Tammy recommends.

          Rue Morgue
Pamela Branch,
Murder Every Monday (April, 14.95). From 1954. The Asterisk Club – that group of wrongly acquitted killers – become consultants to aspiring murders.
Kelly Roos,If the Shroud Fits (May, 14.95). From 1941, Jeff and Haila Troy begin another madcap investigation after a photo shoot turns deadly.
Margaret Scherf, Glass on the Stairs (Mar., 14.95). From 1945, interior-decorator sleuths Emily and Henry Bryce look into the murder of a hysterical woman.

         Stark House 2-in-1s
Vin Packer,
The Evil Friendship/Whisper His Sin (Mar., tpo, 1995). With a new introduction by the author, both novels fictionalize well-known matricide cases from the 50s.
Douglas Sanderson, The Deadly Dames/A Dum-Dum for the President (April, tpo, 19.95). Two hardboiled stories set in Montreal. This will be the 1st US publication of Dum-Dum, originally released in 1961.

Mysterious Youth
Bill Doyle,
Swindled! Crime through Time 1906 and Nabbed! Crime through Time 1925 (May, Little Brown tp, 5.99 ea). Further adventures of the famous Fitzmorgan detective family, with historical settings and accurate forensics and investigative practices of that time.

         In paper
Charlie Higson,
SilverFin: A James Bond Adventure (April, Miramax, 6.99). Book One in the series with Bond as a teenager, gathering the skills that will serve him well.

Nancy Springer,
The Case of the Missing Marquess (Feb, Philomel hc,10.99). First in a new series with the younger sister of Mycroft and Sherlock – Enola Holmes. An intelligent and feisty 14 year old, Enola refuses to be sequestered in a boarding school and heads to London for adventure. For grades 5-8/

    In paper
Caleb Carr,
The Italian Secretary(May, St. Martin's, 7.99). Fran recommends.

Reissues of Note
G.G. Flicking,
A Kiss for a Killer (April, Overlook, 13.95). Honey West tracks a killer into a nudist colony.
Kerry Greenwood, Cocaine Blues (April, Poisoned Pen hc, 24.95). From 1989, the first of the Phryne Fischer mysteries, originally published in the US as Death by Misadventure. At the end of the holiday season of 1920, Phryne leaves High Society for the wilder climes of Melbourne to try her hand at being a lady detective.
Randy Wayne White, Key West Connection (April, Signet, 6.99). In the early 80s, Randy published 7 novels under the name Randy Stryker about an ex-Navy SEAL named Dusky MacMorgan. This is the first of that action series, revised and with a new introduction by Randy.
Charles Willeford, Wild Wives (Mar., Vintage, 12.95). A PI, short on cash, finds himself between an insane wife and her jealous husband. A noir classic from 1956.

The Detection Collection,
Simon Brett, ed. (May, St. Martin's hc, 24.95). 11 new stories to celebrate the 75th Anniversary of the Detection Club – the club founded by Christie, Sayers and others. Let's say this again – NEW stories by authors such as James, Barnard, Hill, Lovesey, Davis and COLIN DEXTER.
Deadly Housewives, Christine Matthews, ed. (May, Avon tpo, 13.95). 14 bestselling authors write new stories about the dark side of domesticity: including Barr, Paretsky, Muller, Mina, Rozan, Pickard and Hendricks.
Murder at the Racetrack, Otto Penzler, ed. (April, Mysterious Press tp, 13.95). All-star cast of suspects with new stories – Block, Bruen, Collins, Cook, Malone and others.
Dublin Noir, Ken Bruen, ed, (Feb., Akashic tpo, 14.95). Contributors include Lippman, Fusilli, Wignall, Star, Spiegelman, and the editor.
Manhattan Noir , Lawrence Block, ed. (April, Akashic tpo, 14.95). Contributors include Fusilli, Cook, Rozan, the Meyers and the editor.
Baltimore Noir, Laura Lippman, ed. (May, Akashic tpo, 14.95). Contributors include Cockey, Massey, Stella, Fesperman and the editor.
Hardboiled Brooklyn, Reed Farrel Coleman, ed. (May, Bleak House tpo, 15.95). Badness from the borough, with new stories by Rozan, Estep, Bruen, Fusilli and others. Also includes original drawings by Jeff Fisher.
The Mammoth Book of Jacobean Whodunnits, Mike Ashley, ed. (May, Carroll & Graf tpo, 13.95). From the Gunpowder Plot to the Colonies, feuds and foul crimes by the likes of Gooden, Todd, Tremayne and others.

Special Interest
Walter Mosley,
Fortunate Son (April, Little Brown hc, 23.95). Two unlikely boys – one a golden Adonis and the other a sickly black child – form an unexpected friendship. As they age, they drift. Decades later, as they've become very different people than what they, and we, would expect, a common enemy reunites them.

2006 Edgar Award Nominees
The winners will be announced at the Edgar Awards Banquet in New York on April 27.

     Best Novel
The Lincoln Lawyer, Michael Connelly (Little, Brown) *
Red Leaves, Thomas H. Cook (Harcourt)
Vanish, Tess Gerritsen (Ballantine Books)
Drama City, George Pelecanos (Little, Brown) *
Citizen Vince, Jess Walter (Regan Books) *

      Best First Novel
Die A Little, Megan Abbott (Simon & Schuster)
Immoral, Brian Freeman (St. Martin's Minotaur)
Run the Risk, Scott Frost (G.P. Putnam's Sons) 
Hide Your Eyes, Alison Gaylin (Signet)
Officer Down, Theresa Schwegel (St. Martin's)

      Best Paperback Original
Homicide My Own, Anne Argula (Pleasure Boat Studio)
The James Deans, Reed Farrel Coleman (Plume)
Girl in the Glass, Jeffrey Ford (Dark Alley)
Kiss Her Goodbye, Allan Guthrie (Hard Case Crime)
Six Bad Things, Charlie Huston (Ballantine Books)

Rescue Artist: A True Story of Art, Thieves, and the Hunt for a Missing Masterpiece by Edward Dolnick (HarperCollins)
The Elements of Murder:  The History of Poison by John Emsley (Oxford University Press)
Written in Blood by Diane Fanning (St. Martin's True Crime)
True Story:  Murder, Memoir, Mea Culpa by Michael Finkel (HarperCollins)
Desire Street:  A True Story of Death and Deliverance in New Orleans by Jed Horne (Farrar, Straus & Giroux)

Writing and Selling Your Mystery Novel:  How to Knock 'em Dead with Style by Hallie Ephron (Writer's Digest Books)
Behind the Mystery:  Top Mystery Writers Interviewed by Stuart Kaminsky, photos by Laurie Roberts (Hot House Press)
The New Annotated Sherlock Holmes: The Novels edited by Leslie S. Klinger (W.W. Norton) *
Discovering the Maltese Falcon and Sam Spade:  The Evolution of Dashiell Hammett's Masterpiece, Including John Huston's Movie with Humphrey Bogart edited by Richard Layman (Vince Emery Productions)
Girl Sleuth:  Nancy Drew and the Women Who Created Her by Melanie Rehak (Harcourt)

"Born Bad" – Dangerous Women by Jeffery Deaver (Mysterious Press)
"The Catch' – Greatest Hits by James W. Hall (Carroll & Graf)
"Her Lord and Master" – Dangerous Women by Andrew Klavan (Mysterious Press)
"Misdirection" – Greatest Hits by Barbara Seranella (Carroll & Graf)
"Welcome to Monroe" – A Kudzu Christmas by David Wallace (River City Publishing)

    [ * denotes signed copies available]

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