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We offer a variety of shop items, in case you'd like to take home more than books. All of these can be ordered individually, or added to your next order.

Seattle Mystery Bookshop Ballcaps
On the front of the caps, above the bill, is our trademarked question mark. The shop name appears on the back. Two color options are available. One is "cranberry red" (a shade toward, well, cranberry from our brighter blood red), with the question mark and shop name embroidered in black. We also have a black cap with a blood red bill, a red button atop the cap, and blood red stitching. Both options have an adjustable cloth band on the back with a metal buckle to keep the cap on your head. They are $18.25 each.

We have shop shirts, both T-shirts and sweatshirts, in varying sizes. Tees are $15 and sweats are $25. Red lettering on black shirts, or black lettering on red shirts.

Our shop bags are a heavy canvas tote, large enough to take a hardcover laid flat at the bottom, and sturdy enough to hold a deep stack of your favorites.
$12.95 with the shop name in black on one side and our red question mark on the reverse.

Seattle Mystery Bookshop items

After our last supplier dropped out on us, we looked around to find a new source of shop mugs. The older mugs were hand-thrown and could not be replicated. While the new mugs are smaller and won't be able to hold as much coffee/tea/beer/juice as the last ones, they should be more reliably available to us as a standard style. These new mugs are quite spiffy, we think. A bright red outside with a high gloss black interior - and our shop name on one side and question mark on the other. They sell for $10.00.

Seattle Mystery Bookshop Mugs

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