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Our quarterly newsletter is available by subscription via mail for $7.50 a year for domestic subscriptions and $10 for international, is posted on our web site along with past issues, and is available in the shop. Due to restrictions of space and postage costs, the web site version contains more pages of material than the paper version - that material is in a different color to clarify that which is not in the printed version. We suggest that you save your money for books and read it on-line or print it off the web site. Each issue covers those new releases for that quarter, plus some highlights of releases coming in the next season. We do not e-mail the newsletter.

We also have a weekly message that we send out via e-mail which we call our 'newzine'. It is made up of news from the mystery world, award nominees or winners, newly scheduled author events or signed books that we'll be getting from other sources, books the staff has read and recommends and anything else we think would be of interest. If you would like to be put on the list please send us an e-mail with your name.

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